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Good free video converter.
First of all, I would like to say that I've been using Any Video Converter for a long time and have been satisfied with it. For some odd reason, after the latest update it no longer works even after reinstalling...
Posted by: daimashin in Software PC & Mac - 4 minutes ago
Writing a Book
I suggest going with an e-book. It's a lot cheaper than publishing in paper form. Also, unlike paper book, there are many online sites that offer partnership with new writers to publish e-books on their websites for...
Posted by: daimashin in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 7 minutes ago
Prepaid Debit cards
There are pros and cons. I guess that prepaid cards are safer as you don't have to deal with banking information, it's also good since you're in control of how much money you want to use. I agree that it's a tad...
Posted by: daimashin in Credit Cards - 13 minutes ago
Do You Still Buy Newspapers, Magazines, or Tabloids?
I've stopped subscribing to newspapers since two years ago. I realized that no point in wasting subscription fees when I can get the news online. Nowadays, many people are talking about how going paperless is good for...
Posted by: daimashin in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 16 minutes ago
The roll of Sleep in weightloss and fitness
Sleep is a vital component in the whole weight loss process. Studies show that sleep will raise your metabolism and suppress your appetite, whilst it allows your body to rest and recover. Although you may be leading a...
Posted by: allswl in Sports & Fitness - 1 hour ago
Will everyday stretching elongate your legs?
There seems to be a lot of information around suggesting that stretching will lead to longer legs. I am not too convinced that it does actually work but from what some researchers are saying there are certain exercises...
Posted by: allswl in Sports & Fitness - 2 hours ago
Eyelash extensions or mascara?
Eyelash extensions look fabulous. I once tried getting an eyelash extension during a holiday season. There were so many parties to attend to and I felt I need to keep my eyes looking pretty with less preparation time....
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Health & Beauty - 2 hours ago
Store Brands and Generics
i usually buy generic products and store brands because you mostly can't tell any difference between the two items, except for the looks of the can and the price of the product. When there is a difference in flavor ,...
Posted by: Happyflowerlady in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 2 hours ago
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