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What do you do with leftover turkey?
We don't serve turkey here but we do eat a lot of roast chicken which I'm guessing is similar. For our chicken leftovers we usually just chop and put them into salads or pita wraps or sometimes we even cook it into...
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Did The Concept Of Santa Ever Confuse You As A Child?
Santa as a concept was never taught to us when we were kids so as far as I knew he was just a symbol and I always just saw this character in commercials and movies. It wasn't until later on that I fully understood that...
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Did You Really Buy Those Yoga Pants To Wear Doing Yoga?
There are a whole host of clothes that are designed for certain activities - usually sports activities - that I do not wear specifically for those sporting activities. As well as yoga pants, which I do not actually wear...
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How many things did you re-gift this year?
So, how many items did you end up re-gifting this holiday season (if any)? If you haven't already wrapped them up or shipped them off, are there some things you have in mind that you plan to re-gift? I don't really have...
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Does Rain Make you Depressed?
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How far do you send the Q-tip?
---Quote (Originally by DrRipley)--- I've heard that the recommended use be only up to the outer part of your ear but I usually go in because it feels much better. I've also read some comments online noting that too...
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Grits Or Taters
What dawn! My wife and I are on our way to your house. Midnight is good for breakfast. A bunch of over ripe alcohol drinkers sitting at a waffle house or a 24 hr. IHop can't be all wrong.
Posted by: preacherbob50 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
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