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By missbishi 42 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Limescale Removal

If it's quicker, then I'm trying with Apple Cider vinegar. I wouldnt use "The WOrks" because I tend to be forgetful and would hate to come back and see my shower head disintegrated. LOL;):D

By PunkinPie 46 minutes ago in Movies, Music & Games

How Do You Save At The Movies?

They do something similar here like twenty minutes away in car, but I have no car. They usually have family movies. I'd take the bus there but they have these movies starting like at night which blows because who wants to have their kids...

By Flowerpower 46 minutes ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

What Do You Do With 'bad Books'?

Any "physical" book that I don't enjoy I donate to charity. For eBooks, I just bin them :)

By wgtsykd 47 minutes ago in Movies, Music & Games


Who Expects the plot summarizes the hectic pace of the end of "Divergent" is disappointed Face with continued Where Prevails what is Dragged and Engaging little progress. This Gives an notion of what May come around With The strategy of...

By sidney 52 minutes ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

What Do You Do With Your Defective/useless Chargers And Batteries?

I doubt mobile phone chargers are that dangerous to throw away. They contain wiring, and that's pretty much it. So they're recyclable to some degree, but they're not harmful to the environment. On the other hand, batteries should...

By Denis Hard 55 minutes ago in Travel

Your Preference?

I hate walking into a small local store an dhaving their employees follow you around. It's like geez if you dont trust me get a freaking security camera. Once they start doing that I purposely start walking all the aisles slow and then...

By sidney 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

Do You Shave Your Arms And Other Unwanted Hairy Areas?

The forearms shouldn't be shaved, but if they are dark and noticeable I can imagine a woman may want to, to look more feminine. I shave because it's more hygienic, I used to wax or use creams but sometimes to old fashioned razor is more...

By HueyTheFreeman 1 hour ago in Scams = To Good To Be True

Be Careful Of

I've never heard of this site before, thanks for the heads up! It doesn't look good at all. Sadly, there are many like it out there; they look flashy and professional, but really they are just a scam. The tell tale sign is usually the...