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Salt of The Earth

Salt of The Earth is a natural deordorant for those concerned about the chemicals and aluminium found in conventional deodorant.The only ingredient is Potassium Alum, it is very cheap and it works. A 50g roll will last you months. I would definitely recommend it.

Rock Salt

I am looking for coupons for rock salt (ice melter). I do have a dog, and want something pet friendly for the back porch and sidewalk where she walks. I have looked online for coupons but didn't find much. I don't have a sam's club, target or walgreens...

Sea salt

I used to buy regular salt, but lately I started to buy sea salt and I do notice a difference. Sure, it doesn't look so good, it's seems to be more wet, but it's a natural product, it's not refined in a factory and I am sure it's healthier....

Sea Salt colon flush

I came across a very interesting method to cleanse your colon without going to the doctor. Using just warm water and sea salt, you can literally clean your colon from the inside out. When you ingest sea salt in liquid form, the body can't digest it and it goes...

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits

I found this information on Enjoy!Himalayan pink salt is mined by hand in the Himalayan mountains. The color can range from white to deep red, depending upon its mineral and iron levels. Himalayan salt is richer in minerals than ordinary table salt,...

Salt of the Earth crystal deodorant

is a crystal deodorant on sale in Holland & Barrett. The reason I started using this deodorant was due to concern about the dangers of parabens present in other deodorants, the potassium alum used in this deodorant works by killing bacteria that release odors....

Abonne Spa Milk Salt Scrub

While I am out to buy some beauty products, I stumbled upon this product and it caught my attention. I bought one bottle of it and tried it immediately. I am so satisfied with the results because I can feel that my skin feels smoother and more nourished than before....

Does Anyone Have A Preferred Salt?

I know this seems like a crazy question but I know some people that swear by certain styles & (even) brands of salt. So, I ask do YOU preferred brand or style & if so what type of cuisine do you normally cook?