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SaltWorks is an American Salt Company, founded in 2002 and based near Seattle, Washington (USA). We supply premium grade specialty salts to the wholesale, retail, and consumer markets throughout the world. Our customers range from individuals who order by the pound, to food processors, restaurants, grocery stores, salt mill manufacturers, and spice companies who order by the pallet, truckload, and multiple ocean containers. SaltWorks boasts the largest selection of specialty salts available. We offer over 110 varieties of gourmet salts from around the world, and maintain an inventory of over 4 million pounds, ready to ship, in our 70,000 square foot, climate-controlled warehouse. SaltWorks’ production partner network spans the globe. Our supply capacity is nearly limitless. Our professional logistics department manages your shipment to your door. We will work with you to take care of all of the paperwork including shipping documents and customs forms. SaltWorks’ in-house processing capabilities include: optical color sorting, accurate size screening, de-dusting, magnetic cleaning, low temperature drying, natural salt smoking, and natural salt flavoring. Our packaging capabilities include: accurate filling, high speed labeling (wrap, front & back, and top labeling), induction sealing, impulse bag sealing, automatic capping, metal detecting, case packing, palletization, and more. Our state-of-the-art production facility can produce stand-up pouches, sticks, plastic & glass containers, disposable mills, poly bags, large zipper bags, and bulk super sacks. We package all of our own products, as well as special private label projects and lines. We will work closely with you on private label programs, including utilizing special packaging, labeling, and closely partnering with you throughout the production process. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we produce and the services we offer. SaltWorks brands include: Artisan Salt Company, Pure Ocean, Fusion, Le Tresor, Pacific Blue, Salish, Durango, Yakima, Ceara, Bokek, Hiwa Kai, TheraSoak, Ultra Epsom, Mineral Essence, Sonoma, EuroSpa and many more. SaltWorks is the most trusted name in the salt business. Our strict commitment to quality ensures that our customers will receive only the cleanest, most natural products possible. We invite you to compare our quality and discover the difference our dedication to superior salt products makes. Please contact SaltWorks right away, and let our professional and knowledgeable staff help you with all of your salt needs. No project is too large or too small.

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