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Only $25!

You can purchase a 4 ticket voucher for $25 at for any 11-12 CTWhale game. Promo Code cuts the price to $20!
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Websites For Finding The Cheapest Flights?

A great site to find cheap flights is They compare lots of different companies to find the best deal and you can also use them to search for hotels and car hire too. I've used them a few times to find the best deals. Sometimes moving the...

By Denis Hard 55 minutes ago in Online Shopping

How Do You Tell That A Shopping Site Is Legit?

If it's too hard to believe it's probably fake! Best bet is to put the URL into Google with the work 'Review' after and it should come up with site reviews from customers. If it doesn't come up with anything stay clear for...

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Graphene Light Bulbs

The graphene light bulb is set to go on sale to the public, this bulb is coated in graphene which is a super strong carbon that lasts longer and uses 10% less energy than bulbs on the market at present.The technology was developed at Manchester...

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Monster Energy Drinks

I drink a lot of these I have to admit, not really for the energy or buzz its supposed to give you, its mainly because i like the taste. I take one to work every morning and people are always saying, you shouldnt drink them you know, they're...

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Do You Spend A Lot On Perfumes?

I am not really into buying expensive perfumes and fragrances. I just stick to something that smells good but the scent is not too strong, and I also go for the much cheaper ones. I love Victoria's Secret anyway.

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Research Online Before Buying, Offline

I always check the net before I buy anything. I even check the net when I don't intend to buy anything, like window shopping but online!I think this day and age, with the competition and number of stores and websites all fighting each other...

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Do Cats Get Jealous If You Bring Other Cats Into Your Household?

Yes. I really think cats do get jealous of other cats, specially if they somehow feel that you are giving more attention and affection to the newly adopted ones. My best friend had two cats before, and those two felines always fight and vie for...