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Sermon Spice is a place for Pastors and Christian teachers to find short sermon illustration videos and other media from a library of hundreds of filmmakers. Watch and download the perfect film for your message.


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Do you always make sure you get the right change when you buy something?
Actually, I noticed that I never count my change whenever I buy something, especially if it's coins. I think that I trust the cashiers too much to not make a mistake, lol. I only do that when I get home and look at the...
Posted by: sidney in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 15 minutes ago
How EARLY Should I Drink My Beer Everyday?
---Quote (Originally by sidney)--- ... I guess during dinner time would be nice. ---End Quote--- For the first time in my life, I had a 'drink right-after dinner' (yesterday). I overslept this morning, but I slept...
Posted by: mythman in Food & Drink - 38 minutes ago
Auto save suggestion and posting issues.
But from my experience, the forum already has an auto-save feature, don't you notice the little yellow notice icon that says "auto saved" while we type on the lower right part of the text box? If you click "back" then...
Posted by: sidney in Suggestions & Feedback - 45 minutes ago
Your Thoughts On Peer To Peer Sharing Of E-books?
This is a very interesting question, though I think it is very black and white. First, A physical book has a single presence, and can only be shared once; something you cannot guarantee with a file. Second,...
Posted by: jdwriter in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 48 minutes ago
Write off internet bill as "work expense"?
I ... I was not 'indoctrinated' into the workforce (or something ... having a brain-injury, I'm sort of "disabled" ... I dunno---It's a miracle that I'm here participating with you, and the government can't settle the...
Posted by: mythman in Phone, Internet & TV - 50 minutes ago
Do you still go to the library?
As a parent our family goes to the library pretty often. Mostly for story-time or other events. We don't often go to browse the library when getting a book, usually we've looked it up online and have it ready and...
Posted by: jdwriter in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 53 minutes ago
Have You Ever Purchased Jewelry Seen on Television?
I would never buy jewelery of tv. You don't know the real value unless you happen to have a pawn shop buddy. Most of what they sell will be junk jewelry anyway.
Posted by: askanison in As Seen on TV - 59 minutes ago
What Do You Think about Michelle Bachmann's Anti-"Muslim Brotherhood" Bill?
According to Michelle Bachmann (and other senators who co-wrote the bill), America is at risk of being 'taken over' by the Muslim Brotherhood! ... or something. *Freedom Outpost* gives us a good article on the matter...
Posted by: mythman in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
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