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Sermon Spice is a place for Pastors and Christian teachers to find short sermon illustration videos and other media from a library of hundreds of filmmakers. Watch and download the perfect film for your message.


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Which hobbies are too expensive?
We all have a few things which are kinda expensive to do i mean growing in a way which help us with being good there isn't anything wrong with it but yeah going over the top can surely be wrong and we should be taking...
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Do you prepare the things that you would be needing for tomorrow before you go to sleep?
Planning things and going accordingly can be a wonderful thing because at the end this is what help us with gaining a lot in terms of learning and moving ahead in the right way, So having it this way can bring a...
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Do you think credit card companies are responsible for people going into so much debt?
No i don't think so,We can go through our own plans which finally works for us and having some appropriate outcome from it is finally what we need and help us so yeah this is the way for it and at the same time learning...
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Best Bookstore?
I'm surprised there are even book stores that people go to, to tell you the truth with being able to just buy them online. I haven't been in a book store in so long. The last time was Barnes and Noble to get a book for...
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I don't wait till the items are completely exhausted. I make a list of things about to run out, keep them in a separate room and bring them out when the existing supplies are done.
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What kind of Shampoo do you use?
I'm currently using a Tresemme set of Argain oil shampoo and conditioner. It's an affordable drugstore option, but I like it. I don't think it's worth spending a lot when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. Drugstore...
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I think about lunch time is the right guideline in my view, if you are drinking alcohol at 9am in the morning then there is a problem, I regularly go to my local pub for lunch and a pint about 1pm. :) Have a beer when...
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