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Type of Restaurant you like??
I am a big Foodie so I love all types of restaurants and don't discriminate. Especially if someone else is paying! I like to get dressed up occasionally and got to a nice restaurant for special occasions. Mostly I like...
Posted by: florida2015 in Food & Drink - 1 minute ago
Telemarketing calls - how do you deal with them?
You handled the call very well. I need to get a on a Do Not Call List too. I used to answer the call to see what they wanted, but now I don't. I let the phone ring so the answering machine picks it up. They usually...
Posted by: milyjohnson in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 2 minutes ago
dose anyone still play board games as an adult.
I have been watching a show on YouTube reaceantly called tabletop where they play a different board game every time. It looks like they have a lot of fun just playing with friends and using thier imagination. It made me...
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What type of oil
I use canola oil for frying double battered chicken, fish, french fries, pork chops etc. I think the food fries up lighter and crispier with a golden brown color. I also use olive oil if I am cooking something that I...
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HBO Stand-Alone Streaming Service
I can't afford to get HBO but I really like some of the shows that they had like game of thrones. If this works out I would happily pay a monthly fee to watch them. as long is it at a reasonable price.
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Playing with toys vs eletronic playing
I read this interesting article about how this parenting generation is the first to have to deal with all the new technology. We can remember when there was no internet or things like that. Were not entirely sure what...
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toy prices seem to be getting more expensive
When my six year old was one or two I got her a cheap set of blocks. I wanted to get my 1 year old a set for her birthday and the only sets of wooden blocks I could find seemed to have doubled in price. I don't really ...
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Rip Off The Scammers Selling Get Rich Quick Schemes - Give Them A Taste Of Their Own Medicine
Yeah but that doesn't bring back the money a scammer has stolen from me and many others so how is it really a taste of their own medicine? I just want my money back not their crappy product even if I would be finding it...
Posted by: Nickchick in Scams = To Good To Be True - 40 minutes ago
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