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Dogs over 80 pounds
I don't have big dogs or dogs for this very reason. Big dogs like that make me a bit nervous. I don't understand why people want this big of a dog. They are a lot to take care of and clean up after!!!
Posted by: MindyT in Pets - 17 minutes ago
Do You Go Crazy When You Have a Negative Bank Balance?
It sounds like your spending is more than your intake. See if you can either increase the amount of money you bring home or cut the spending. You can get rid of cable, coffee shop stops, eating fast food, gym...
Posted by: MindyT in Credit Cards - 19 minutes ago
Frozen Korean Vegetable Dumplings
Ooh, those look good. I'll have to make a trip to the Asian grocery store next week. I usually buy my Asian food at a small Japanese store around the corner, but they don't have anything from the rest of Asia. Are...
Posted by: CoolCat in Product Reviews - 23 minutes ago
Retirement Thoughts
I'm 27, and I'm working hard on my retirement fund already. I currently have 14% of my salary going into my 401k, and my company gives me a match of 3%. I'm extra lucky because my company offers both a traditional...
Posted by: CoolCat in Retirement Plans - 28 minutes ago
Do you insure your pets?
I don't understand the need nor the desire to insure my pets. What good would insurance do? What is it for? To me, that seems like a waste of money. My pets don't need any monthly medical care. Do other animals need...
Posted by: MindyT in Pets - 31 minutes ago
Baby talk to your pets?
I always talk to my pets. My cats are part of our family. Now, I don't talk baby talk to them. I haven't been fond of that. I talk to them like they are another person. I know they can't answer me back but still. Maybe...
Posted by: MindyT in Pets - 35 minutes ago
Is suicide a growing trend in our society?
I think it is not such a taboo subject anymore. People were afraid and ashamed I talk about suicide in the past. It had such a negative connotation to it. Now, people are more open to discuss it. I don't think the...
Posted by: MindyT in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 38 minutes ago
Becoming a Vegetarian
I have heard to add a lot of beans and nuts in your diet if you don't eat meat. Also, I would add in a lot of dark green vegetables like spinach and kale into your diet. That way, you would be getting the proteins and...
Posted by: MindyT in Food & Drink - 44 minutes ago
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