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By Peninha 6 months ago in Food & Drink


I love honey and I think most of us like it, but I know for a fact that many people don't eat it often what I find strange considering it's one of the most healthiest foods. Do you eat honey often? How do you consume it?

By chiofthenorns 6 months ago in Health & Beauty


Hi! Recently, I started taking one tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast. I do not know the health benefits of this, but I read many great things about honey. Do you do this, too? What are some of the health benefits of honey that you...

By prettycolors 11 months ago in Food & Drink

Honey or Sugar?

Most of the people I know are using sugar to sweeten their drinks or food since it's less expensive than honey. On the other hand, honey is much healthier than sugar but it's more expensive. I lucked out and found a local beekeeper that...

By safetydancepants 11 months ago in As Seen on TV

Cafe Cups (For use in a Keurig)

I have been using Cafe Cups for a few months, and am here to report that they are a good buy. They are little reusable pods for the Keurig machines. I have also used the much bulkier one that came with my Keurig, and it is much more inconvenient....

By Kaylah 1 year ago in Food & Drink

Coffee shop / Cute cafes ?

Sorry, I don't live in California, so I wouldn't know. There aren't too many coffee shops near me. There are plenty of Starbucks, but I don't really see those as being cute cafes. They are always so crowded too. Your mall...

By Gelsemium 3 months ago in Food & Drink

Easy To Apply Honey

I think many people like honey, but don't eat it often because it's hard to take it of the jar. Is that your case? I now eat way more because I have found this bottle, really practical. :) Just turn around and squeeze and the honey comes...

By BonnyC 2 years ago in Health & Beauty

Raw Honey Face Mask

Does anyone else use this? My skin is SUPER sensitive and I can't use any cleansers or products that contain chemicals/non-natural ingredients. Heck, some natural ingredients cause my skin to dry up or break out! One of my tree hugging hippie...

By TabithaW 2 years ago in Health & Beauty

Milk & Honey bath

My favorite make at home bath recipe on a budget is a milk and honey bath. You can add a teaspoon or two of honey and a handful of powdered milk for a super silky bathing experience. The powdered milk is super cheap at the grocery store and goes a...