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Grits Or Taters
Clear as mud, preacherbob. I like it that way. And rice? Yeah, I could do rice in the mornings. The onions and sweet peppers, too. Especially if they're in a nice cheesy omelet with the taters on the side. Let see, it's...
Posted by: hayrake in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 11 minutes ago
Does Rain Make you Depressed?
I wouldn't say it makes me depressed, but it definitely makes me more tired and sleepy. I live in an area where it rains a lot (Pacific Northwest) so maybe I'm just used to it. It also helps that I actually love the...
Posted by: dandeliion in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 13 minutes ago
Have you finished your Christmas Shopping?
No, I have not. I'm really disappointed with myself because usually I start Christmas shopping as early as August but this year I put it off and now I barely have any of it done. I have bought a few things already but...
Posted by: dandeliion in Seasonal & Holidays - 14 minutes ago
Parody Movies
@sidney Well, those aren't exactly "parodies", are they? A "parody" is a comedy that pokes fun not "at something" in general, but to another movie, or book, or song. It's "an alternate, funny version of something...
Posted by: ducklord in Movies, Music & Games - 15 minutes ago
Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron
Any thoughts on where they could go AFTER Ultron? I bet on scaling down and presenting (even more) single-superhero movies, more "origin stories", for more time than they did up to now between "phases", and yet......
Posted by: ducklord in Movies, Music & Games - 23 minutes ago
What Applications Are You Using?
I only have like a couple of apps that i constantly use on my phone, the rest are games. Here is my list. Kindle Spotify Flipboard Clash of Clans Hill Climb Racing Dumb Ways to Die
Posted by: obliviousme in Mobile Apps & Games - 34 minutes ago
What are your least favorite books to read, but you know it's necessary to read?
I really don't like reading math books, they bore the heck out of me and it's all arbitrary abstract writing. Beyond Geometry, it gets pretty useless to learn the rest unless you desire to become a accountant, CFO,...
Posted by: valiantx in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 52 minutes ago
What are your best 2014 comedy movies?
Personally, I have only two comedy movies I had enjoyed watching this year, and they were: Dumb and Dumber Too and Horrible Bosses 2. Dumb and Dumber Too was almost as funny as the original, and both Jeff Daniels...
Posted by: valiantx in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
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