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Latest discussions on forum

By Denis Hard 40 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Start Your Own Farm?

My dad and his siblings have a farm that they inherited from their parents. His siblings in the province manage it, and they get a sack of rice and mangoes when they manage to have a large supply. It is economical to own a farm, but sometimes you...

By Patryk9595 44 minutes ago in Travel

Pepper Spray - Which Is The Best?

I think pepper spray is a good tool/weapon for self-defense. I am actually considering purchasing one. It's also much better if you have a cutter with you, just in case the situation gets violent.

By EditorsRHumansToo! 48 minutes ago in Travel

Checking Up My Dream Tour To Israel

I've always wanted to travel around the world and explore different places. I feel like I have a soul of a wanderlust but sadly, I haven't been able to go to other countries due to lack of time and money. Well, anyway, I am also dreaming...

By LeopardJones 58 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

Stay Beautiful: Favorite Inexpensive Cosmetics?

I mostly use Maybelline and MAC make-up products. They're not that expensive, but they have got good quality.

By TuRon Davis 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

What feature would you change on your face?

I would never go through surgery just because I want to enhance my looks. I'm scared of hospitals and knives. I also find doctors weird, no offense though.;) Well, if I could change one thing about my face anyway, probably the dark circles...

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

How often do you get a haircut?

I haven't gotten a haircut for about 2 years now. I am actually thinking about getting my hair cut because it's already too long now and it's really hot and humid here in our country, so it gets a bit irritating sometimes However,...