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The all new is live.Coupon code for a 15% discount.Glass cleaners,bathroom accessories and glass hardware.
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Plastic plates

For small parties in the house, we normally use the paper plates and paper cups. We do not want the disposable plastic or even the styrofoam type. The paper plate is much better and doesn't look toxic at all. We always have a pack or 2 of disposable paper plates...

Dual Purpose Furniture

I had seen a nice sofa bed with a center table that has a cabinet at the bottom. It was really a great furniture set that saves space and very elegant too. However, my husband disagreed because our present living room set is still okay. Maybe if I can think of a way...

Cheap Ways To Block Out Noise?

There are times when our neighbor would hold a karaoke night with some guests. It's not actually too loud since theirs is 3 houses away from ours. But during sleeping hours, the sound of their music can be irritating. Our only recourse is the thick curtains....

Worth The Investment?

For the men, I used to see my father investing in an expensive suit. He said that grand occasions require good suits for men. And for me, I am enamoured in blazers that I use in the office as my uniform or sorts. I buy good blazers, the expensive ones, that fill my...

Do You Wear What You Like Or What Other People Like... What's "in Style"

Since I am old fashioned, obviously I would wear what I want. My favorite attire is the slacks or pants and I seldom wear skirts unless it is a grand occasion like weddings. For the office, I always have the blazer to give me a decent and formal look since I am in...

Music you don't like listening to?

The only genre of music that I can't at all stand is modern country music. The subject matter is just so shallow almost 100% of the time. Lyrics about trucks, relationship issues, and beer written in the most basic/easy-to-swallow way over incredibly...

What are the best headphones for working out?

The 2nd pair for sure. It's often difficult to do certain exercises with over-the-hear headphones like the Beats; certain movements and positions will make them fall off your head! You don't want to have to worry about that while exercising. The 2nd pair...

Battery Life Or Performance For Portable Devices

I would say for a laptop, performance is definitely more important. I am generally in a situation where I can use my laptop around an outlet, so battery life isn't all that important. I use a lot of applications that require my laptop to perform well, so that is...