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By H.C. Heartland 53 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

Have you ever donated your hair?

Well, I'll never donate anything if it benefits Walmart.. or any brand for that matter. But I have been thinking about this. I have long hair and was tossing around the idea of going short. My friend's son was just diagnosed with...

By 3 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Is It Safe To Eat The Egg Raw?

Yup. That's true. And there is a risk factor involved, which is why many people suggest being careful where you source the eggs and how they're handled. I'm fond of things that contain raw egg so the risk isn't something I...

By MrsJones 1 hour ago in Home & Property Insurance

Were You Able To Purchase Mortgage Insurance?

I remember when when first purchased our home that we were offered insurance that if there was a loss of life by either my husband or me the mortgage would be paid off completely. It was lost after life's curve ball of unfortunate...

By jamiew23 1 hour ago in Bank Accounts

Sticking To A Budget!

Has anyone got any tips on how to stick to a weekly budget?I'm at University at the moment and I completely suck and sticking to a budget and always end up going well over! I really want to save money up for the summer so I can get insured on...

By Miaka_M 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

What do you do with your old clothing?

This is something that I am really bad at I tend to hoard all my clothes thinking that it is something that I didn't see someday I'll maybe come back in fashion. to be fat I do have some really nice pieces but I just get bored of really...

By wameyo 1 hour ago in Savings & Investments Plans

Ideal Retirement Age?

I wanted to retire at 55 in high school. 55 was the earliest that you could retire. Needless to say I was ignorant to what retiring involved financially. As others have stated money is the key to retirement at any age. You can retire from one...

By kate23 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Sew?

I tried to so I mean I've tried making a few little dresses for my little girl but it's something that I really really want to get really good at. I keep downloading all these patterns and have some amazing designs in my mind but I just...