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Every when do you clean your house or room?
I also have to clean my whole house every couple of days, to stay on top of the dirt and mess that collects. I couldn't imagine leaving it all to pile up, as I just can't relax. I hate a messy house and although I'm not...
Posted by: Lushlala in Home & Garden - 32 minutes ago
Have you ever suffered side effects from the beauty products you use?
Each and every medicine and cosmetic has some side effect. But if you use all products with proper medical guidelines then you don’t get affect by any side effect. For skin care product and details:...
Posted by: daynighthealthcare in Health & Beauty - 34 minutes ago
Favorite Peanut Butter Brand
I love peanut butter and will take any brand out there. However I usually go for one of the oldest brands, Black Cat. So far I've found it anywhere I've gone. I don't know if it's the best, or if this is just a case of...
Posted by: Lushlala in Food & Drink - 36 minutes ago
What cosmetic do you spend the most money on?
Do spend money on cosmetic use Mederma to get save your money. I use this. To get free from skin problem like acne, skin and stretch mark use Mederma. It is best cream and also most recognized cream for skin problem in...
Posted by: daynighthealthcare in Health & Beauty - 37 minutes ago
Do you prefer buying or adopting pets?
I have bought some pets and I have adopted many. My latest companion is Shintaro. I found Shintaro in a drain one morning. He was all dirty and his eyes were encrusted with dirt. I took him home and gave him a good...
Posted by: Victor Leigh in Pets - 38 minutes ago
Give your old PC a new life with Linux
Windows is getting more and more resource-hungry. Older PCs, with lower specifications, are not able to run the latest versions of Windows. So is it time to dump your old PC and buy a new one? Well, that's one option....
Posted by: Victor Leigh in Software PC & Mac - 42 minutes ago
[US Only] Mederma Gives Gift cards away
Mederma is a topical product used to improve scar, acne and stretch marks appearance. It is a gel based on an onion extract. Mederma's marketing claims it can make scars "softer, smoother, and less noticeable". Apply...
Posted by: daynighthealthcare in Freebies and Giveaways - 42 minutes ago
Have you tried hitchhiking?
I also used to hitchhike a lot,which my mum absolutely hated. I live in the capital city, and my home town is about twelve hours away by car. If the fancy took me to go home, it didn't matter what time it was, I'd just...
Posted by: Lushlala in Travel - 43 minutes ago
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