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Subscriptions Boxes

They really are more luxuries than anything else. Subscription boxes, for the most part, and more filled with stuff to pamper yourself with than necessities. Some subscription boxes sell also sell the products in the boxes solo, and that can often be a cheaper way to...

The Snuggie!

Snuggies are the freaking best! I thought they were stupid too, until I actually got one. My wife got it fo me. I thought, no. No No No NO! That thing stayed in the wrapper for a good three months.Then one day I broke the thing out while sitting in my den one morning...

Amazon Fresh?

One of the greatest teases I encounter in my everyday commute is seen those darn white and green Amazon Fresh trucks driving around throughout Los Angeles. I already have Amazon Prime, and I love it. I have giant 50 pound bags of dog food delivered to my house every...

What Foods Do You Stock Up On?

The things I stock up on art usually festivals, like corn, peas, mixed vegetables and those type of things. I used to stock up a lot in the freezer too, but I realized that food would just pay in there forever, because I was too lazy to dig it out at the bottom. At...

Namecheap Christmas Deal

The one thing you have to be aware of all of these deals is what happens in the second year. I use Go Daddy for most of my domain buys, because I know that they're going to be somewhere around $17-$19 every year to renew. I believe the last time I used them...

At&t And Directv Have Merged

The prices will never come down. The last time I had DirecTV, I was paying close to $110 every month for a basic package. I realized, six years in, that I was paying about $30 more per month than I did when I started. The same thing with AT&T. Now that those two...

Victoria Secret Horror!

I've worked many cash registers in my time. And I have dealt with every kind of customer you can imagine. But I never looked down on anyone who came up to my counter. The fact is working a register, regardless of where, doesn't put you in a position to...

Best Way To Grocery Shop For Less?

Coupons are the way forward!I read an article about a woman that used coupons for everything and she got a weeks worth of shopping for next to nothing. ever since i have used lots of coupons and I save the money I save for a month, then treat myself to a day out!