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Anyone Interested In Retro Video Games?

At our local boardwalk, they have a section where it's just all retro video games. Whenever my husband and I go we try to stop by at least once for nostalgia's sake. I prefer games like Pac Man but my husband loves Frogger. We also like to play tetris but...

Cooking With Alcohol?

I don't use any alcohol in my cooking unless I'm making tiramisu. I really should though because I cook meat and sometimes the meat will go great if I simmer it in some wine or something. My husband and I don't drink wine so maybe that's...

What Is A Little Known Attraction In Your State?

I'm a believer that every single state has a little known attraction, or something special about it that not a lot of people know about. California has a lot of state parks, sure, but one of the state parks in my area has what we call "Garden of Eden";...

Inexpensive Yoga Clothes?

What about Kohl's? I always see them at Kohl's for a good price.However, if you intend on doing yoga a lot I would look into investing a pair of expensive but long-lasting yoga pants. If you do yoga a lot more than your normal neighborhood person and you...

Favorite Online Vendor Or Store

My go-to is still definitely Amazon. I shop around on a lot of different sites though depending on what I want (clothes, housing stuff, etc) but whenever I can't find a good website with good prices I always end up going back to Amazon. I also shop at...

Is Amazon Prime Pantry Worth It?

I was poking around on Amazon and noticed they have some new service as part of their Prime membership called Prime Pantry, which they only charge a flat rate of $5.99 per 4' x 4' box or up to 45lbs weight, that you can order whatever you want to be shipped...


I have never really had a problem with paypal. I consider them to be a safe and reputable source of receiving money form online sources. I have ocassionally used it to pay for items online as well. It seems to be a good source.

Amazon Free Shipping?

I have some problems like that with Amazon as well. Of course it is nearly always the supplier that holds up the disbursement of the item. I once had a top I had ordered...and it never showed up. Amazon told me to contact the supplier directly which I did and asked...