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How Do You Avoid Overspending When Shopping For Clothing?

Like others, I usually have a budget.. but I also tend to stick to just what I need, I don't usually go out and buy clothes for the heck of it. And I also don't tend to by anything in malls etc.. I'm not into fads and won't buy what everyone else...

Recommendations For Reusable Ice Packs?

Here's a link to buy them on Amazon. I hope it helps.

Worst Tech Related Experience?

So, last Monday, I managed to smash my laptop screen and iPhone 6 screen in the span of 4 hours. Not a very good day! My phone is already fixed thankfully, but I'm still figuring out the laptop screen.What I'm wondering, is what was your worst tech related...

Travel Agents Overspending?

When I went on my honeymoon we enlisted the help of a travel agent, as we were flying overseas, standing in one city for a week, and then going on a three week bus tour. As such there were a ton of details involved that my wife and I just didn't want to handle....

Basins As Litterboxes?

My cat must now stay in a cage most of the time as compared to being free as an indoor cat since I moved homes, so now I am back to using his metal basin for my cat to pee in while he is in his cage. So now I wonder if you are using or have thought of using a plastic...

Expensive Pens

More or less this. It depends on the function of the pen, whether or not it should cost more than a few bucks. Calligraphy pens and the like are a bit more finessed, and require more control. They also need to be refilled since the ink is so concentrated. Expect to... - Stay away from that site!

I bought this store tablet Sushi Hy8. Delivery very fast. Support responsive. Prices in the store are among the lowest on the internet. Points used in the store. Discount get more. Store satisfied, I will continue to buy it. I recommend.

Opinions About Ryanair?

It's a very very cheap airline. I have travelled by Ryanair in the past. The food isn't great, and when I travelled there was a lot of turbulence, but that was probably due to the weather. I would recommend it only if you're on a really tight budget,...