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African Black Soap

This is the first time I have brought black African soap and I can say that I really love it. It is black but smells great. It is soothing to wear and leaves my skin looking very shiny. Even my blemishes seem to go away or diminish in appearance when I wear black...

Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar

I've heard it has many positive uses, and always keep some on hand, but I hadn't realized it was also good for ear infections, let alone doggy (or kitty?) bacterial ear infections. I'm going to have to do some research on this, to see if I can use it...

Has Anyone Tried A Pushup Bra?

I do not have much going on in my chest area. It seems like it is a hot trend these days to wear a push up bra. What is your opinion? Have you ever tried to buy a push up bra? Was it expensive? Was it comfortable. Just wish my body looked more like a adult and less...


I haven't tried bargaining in any stores but I might consider it especially if it is something I can tell they want to get rid of. I think a better idea is to price match, and point out that you can get the item cheaper somewhere else. Many stores like Walmart...

Any Females Here Like To Travel Alone?

Dora M I really like your response. Yep, you can always find an opportunity where others find nothing. I am also trying to start my online business and be a blogger. That is a remarkable achievement that you managed to travel alone at the young age of 16. May I ask...

Cinema Newsletters?

I have signed up with Cinemark for information on new releases, what's showing, and special deals, including coupons for their local theaters. There are at least 3 in the area, and I get a separate email from each one. I have their app also, since those are the...

Movies Showing Now

I think I saw that, but watched it at home. I recently saw that Sinister 2 is coming out (or has been released), so I'll have to watch Sinister again, before I can watch the sequel. I tend to do that, since I have such a bad memory. If/when I do watch it,...

What do you hate most about the holiday shopping season?

I used to work in retail and the holiday season was my least favorite time of the year. I'm 24 years old, and I started working when I was 17 years old and I've had many different jobs over the years. I've worked at a grocery store, a bookstore,...