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What online platforms do you watch movies on?
I've used Hulu (the free version, not Plus), Youtube, Crackle, and Drama Fever to watch movies. During the times where I didn't have cable, these platforms came in handy. I was still able to keep up-to-date on current...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 10 minutes ago
Have you guys tried buying groceries online?
I think grocery shopping delivery services are a good idea. Newlyweds would benefit from the service. People who travel a lot would benefit from their services. Students cramming up their lessons for their finals would...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Food & Drink - 11 minutes ago
Do you try before it before you buy it?
I do fit the clothes that I intend to buy just to be sure that it's the right size for me. The technique is to buy during off-peak hours like the weekdays so that there are no lines in the fitting room. When I buy...
Posted by: sidney in Fashion & Apparel - 12 minutes ago
Wide Brim Hats
---Quote (Originally by xTinx)--- I love wide brim hats too but such accoutrements can only be worn in select occasions. For instance, on a beach getaway with family or friends, a tourist vacation to the Tropics,...
Posted by: sidney in Fashion & Apparel - 22 minutes ago
You can tell a movie is from 90's when...
Pretty much the most obvious way to tell that a movie is from the 90's is if they wear fashions and hairstyles similar to the cast of Friends or Seinfeld. Those are two sitcoms that are prime examples of the trends of...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 23 minutes ago
Year In Music
Actually, a year that I just really liked music and there were a lot of good songs (to me) was 1984. Prince, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michel Jackson, Duran Duran, The Police, The Eurhythmics, Tears for fears, and several...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 28 minutes ago
The Move Toward Subscription Based Software
There are several reasons why the subscription is better for regular users of Adobe. Students get to learn to make decisions based on their plans and their academic requirements, which is a good thing. They learn to...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Software PC & Mac - 30 minutes ago
Sequels You Are Hoping For
I actually can't wait for the new Star Wars movie. This one is really going to be special because they are bringing back the original cast from the original trilogy of Star Wars. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 51 minutes ago
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