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Breadless Sandwich Suggestions?

I recently found that seaweed wraps (used for sushi) can be used. You can buy packs of seaweed wraps either square or round, so they can be used for hot or cold sandwiches. I also like to maybe use half and then make smaller wraps for snacks to take out. The bonus is...

Wholefoods Over Charing Apology

And "sometimes" was like 1 time in 20. That's the thing, they have been found to be systematically over-estimating weights in a way that cannot plausibly be accidental by a neutral assessor, and WholeFoods UK was found to be doing the same thing last...

Do You Use Paypal For Online Shopping

I been using my paypal account for shopping online. Been using it for years and i never encountered any problem. I think it is safer than using a credit card.

Confession Time! What Are Some Of The Crazy Things You Have Done To Save Money?

When I was ten, my brother and i want to buy a love bird. My mother doesn't want us to have one. We save money from our school allowance. We even walk going to school so we can save money. After few months we got our first pair of love birds.

Desperate To Save Some Money?

Imagining myself parting with my dog is really hard. If i really need to save money, i will probably do other options like cutting the grocery allowance or buying less expensive products. What I am trying to say is that i will not consider parting my dog. I will look...

Some traveling tips to save money

If you want to save money in traveling, book your ticket early, it's cheaper. Another thing is plan your vacation, search about the place, how to get there, the good place to eat, have a map with you. I usally book the hotel online. It is cheaper compare if you...

Do You "sample Surf" As Supermarkets?

I've always done that. Every time I'd take a free sample I would take another taste saying to that lady who was presenting me the offer: "Yeah, I must make sure it's indeed good.". I remember that once my stomach turned all around because I...

Buying Alcohol Online?

Some occassional booze, yes. But if I buy more exclusivist drinks, then I make sure I firstly get a foretaste. I wouldn't want to have something that's just laying in my house because it's got a bad taste. Of course I'd eventually finish by...