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Latest discussions on forum

By Zyni 23 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Any Tips For Inexpensive Options For Sugar Free Cakes/frosting?

The options I know are using honey, maple syrup or dried fruit or fruit concentrate. When using the liquid sweeteners, your recipe has to be slightly altered. I do not have any suggestions for the icing. I think honey will create the same texture...

By soulite 25 minutes ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Opinions on PerkTV

I just join PerkTV today, and I let it run while doing other things! One thing I want to ask though, would your device go to the dog if it is constantly running? I have an iPhone and I paid a hefty price for it already. I don't want to have...

By junemoon 26 minutes ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

18th Century And Early 19th Century Books

Some of my favorite reading material is by authors from the past. I find it so interesting to pick up on the authors perception of the world during the time period they are writing in, along with their idea of what the future might bring. I get...

By kana_marie 34 minutes ago in Fashion & Apparel

Salvation Army And Good Will

When I go to either of these establishments, I get lost in time. I just love a good bargain. I want to look at everything. My husband and kids do not like to go there with me. Not because they do not like the places, but because it will a good...

By ABC123 35 minutes ago in Health & Beauty


I use Origins brand and really love it. They have so many products you'll have to see which one works best for your needs and skin type. I'm not sure how it compares to the cost of Proactiv though. For those interested in Proactiv, I...

By Rosyrain 41 minutes ago in Misc & Others

Favorite Free Things To Do During Summer?

Bike rides! We love when the weather gets nice so we can take hours long bike rides again. We bought the kids each a camelback (water holding backpack) so they have plenty of hydration. My husband and I will carry backpacks so that we can pack...

By junemoon 42 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Do You Buy Flowers From A Roadside Stand?

I was just replying to the above poster about the flowers freshness, when you posted about the freshness, hehe.The naturalness you are referring too, I think stems from the fact, that a lot of times the flowers from the stores are loaded with...

By justusforus 42 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Auto Zone, Napa or O'Reillys for auto parts?

The auto zone and advance nearest me are side by side with Orileys across the street. It's ce in handy, though. When Auto Zone ignored me all I had to do was cross the street to O'rileys. I didnt even have to drive. When O'rileys...