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I've had goat cheese before but not goat's milk. The only way that my local store sells it is powdered and I don't like any powdered milk. If I found goat's milk in liquid form, I would try it.
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Warm Up Exercises
When I am running or doing my exercise, I don't really do those crazy warm-ups. My warm-up is so simple that I am not even sure if it would be considered a warm-up at all. When I run, I run slowly until I feel the...
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I like Krispy Kreme a lot more because I like the softness of their doughnuts. I also don't drink that much coffee anymore although I would admit that when I did, DD was actually one of my favorite go to places for it....
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Hong Kong Disneyland
I agree, it's very good for what it is and even I as an adult enjoyed my experience there. The only slightly negative comment I have was that it is too small but like I said still very good. I don't expect it to be as...
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I used to spend freely when I was in my 20's and now that I'm in my 30's and a parent, I wish I'd saved something because I have nothing to show for all that money I spent in my 20's. Now I'm careful with money out of...
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Don't ever dare it. It would only be possible for a short run, but not in the long run. If you are trying to pull that long, for months or even for some weeks, your body will end up fatigue and you might possibly have...
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Does changing room restrictions annoy you?
I don't mind restrictions but I find it really annoying if they only let 3 pieces. Most stores don't have someone there handing you the items so it just means I have to dress up in my normal clothes to go out and...
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What's your egg dish?
I totally forgot about this thread. Since I posted it, I became vegan! haha. I do miss eggs though, very much. I won't eat them now until I have my own chickens and I know exactly how they live lol.
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