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    November Holiday Special: 12% off all orders now through the end of the month! Use discount code upon checkout

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When I first got my Comcast DVR, the box rental was $8. I got two boxes, and over the past few years the rental of each box went up to $19 per month. That is insane! I took both boxes into the office and told the woman,...
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Money in PayPal
I don't know who has told you if you have alot of money in PP that you may run into trouble. I personally find that crazy as I have at least $1-$200 in it at all times. I've never had problems. I pay for almost all my...
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Ha, ha, yes, I am sporting a free basic flip phone from AT&T. I got the phone and first months service free. I couldn't afford anything else and you can't beat free so I took up the offer. I'm hoping to have the money...
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Telemarketing calls - how do you deal with them?
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Gel as ice
Are you serious valiant? When I twisted my ankle let me tell you that was way more comfortable to attach this bag to it (they come with a special strap) and just stay there 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, way better than...
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Healthy sayings
So true, we think we are allergic to some sort of food, but in fact it's all the chemicals in that food and in all foods mess up all our body... Here's another wise saying. ;) Image:...
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