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National Health Care
Sure we are paying for everything, I agree, but it's simply not fair and I don't know how most countries have constitutions, but the governments themselves disrespect them with their actions, it's our basic right to...
Posted by: Peninha in Health & Beauty - 13 minutes ago
Do you try before it before you buy it?
I don't always try things on, only if they are in the sale or if it's something I'm not sure of. I never try on tops, but dresses I have to for the fit because I have a long body and a large chest and fitted dresses...
Posted by: Theo in Fashion & Apparel - 15 minutes ago
What do you wear to a job interview?
I come from a family with theatrical backgrounds. We don't usually dress up for something unless it's for an audition. We used to have brands sponsoring our everyday utilities but then I guess they forgot about us. ...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Fashion & Apparel - 18 minutes ago
Walking, just walking
For the most people it's impossible to walk in the rain. Funny that not for the serious runner, they can run in any conditions because they have clothes prepared for everything and the movement of the body keeps us...
Posted by: Peninha in Health & Beauty - 19 minutes ago
Huge price differences
I am considering to take some time and write to the management of Celeiro for them to explain to me these price differences and inform them that they have lost a long term client because of this. I feel robbed!
Posted by: Peninha in Misc & Others - 23 minutes ago
Shaving foam vs shaving gel
Ha, for the legs that is another matter, to be honest I never shaved my legs because I am a guy, but I was expecting that women wax instead of shaving? If you're shaving the legs don't the hairs grow stronger?
Posted by: Peninha in Health & Beauty - 30 minutes ago
School books
Yeah, it really stinks the way companies have taken over schools and our family budgets and I do ask myself, how did this happen? The teachers complain, the parents complain, the kids have no benefit, so who is making...
Posted by: Peninha in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 33 minutes ago
---Quote (Originally by eppie)--- I also used to give lollipops to my kids when they were still young. And I'm not particular concern about their teeth when they're eating it. I'm more concern with their movement. I...
Posted by: Peninha in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 35 minutes ago
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