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1-800-flowers 20% Off

Thanks for sharing this.

Schwarzenegger Movies

I have watched The Terminator - Genisys of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is a good movie as far as the story is concerned and the graphics are great. However, there's too much action scenes that sometimes it gets boring. Arnold is still the cyborg but he is an old...

Beat Depression With Exercise Outdoors

I absolutely agree with the thread title. Exercise is one good way to battle depression and doing it outdoors gives it more teeth. Although I don't have depression, I sometimes go to the park for the weekend exercise where I do it with hundreds of other people....

Nook Is Dead

I started with a Nook and then moved on to the Nook app, but now I use Kindle. I have had, repeatedly, horrible customer service from Barnes and Noble with various Nook related issues, so much so that I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

Road Trip! Make some Travel Games for your Kids

You don't even need to "make" anything to have fun games for the car. We always play the alphabet game with our kids...starting at A, they need to find every letter of the alphabet on a sign outside the car, going in alphabetical order. We've also...

Making Kids Earn Their Allowance

My kids always earn their allowance. If they want something, they have to work for, I don't just hand them money for nothing. They have assigned chores they are required to do in order to receive their pay, and I will also offer up jobs to them as they come...

Do You Think Utilities Should Charge High Fees For Online Payments?

I think that this should not happen as this is my money and I have a right to save it, but at the right time I have a thought that govt. have one of this way to make money and help poor people so this is good.

Would You Rent Out A Spare Room?

I have done it via several sites, there is one called and you can communicate with them first and read their profile. I would check out their social media and also ask for references.I didn't get any crazy people, a few with strange habits, but...