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Do You Buy From China?

Yes, I very often buy items from China, mostly from websites like and since these are the only two ones which actually delivered my items without any hassle whatsoever. But don't take my happy experience for...
31 minutes ago - - Online Shopping

Free Breakfast Buffets At Hotels

It's becoming pretty standard now. I work at a hotel and serve the breakfast whic we call "light". Basically there is not one thing we serve that I would eat unless I was truly starving. It's 100% processod food. I've...
35 minutes ago - - Travel

Short Dress,Hautler Dresses, or long Dress

I prefer longer dresses. I don't like to expose much of my bare legs, or even legs in just tights. I won't go above the knee unless I am wearing legging pants made of jersey knit underneath. I feel so much better hiding my shape under...
38 minutes ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Inexpensive Chinese Items - Worth It?

It really depends on what you personally perceive by "worth" items. If you run short on money but still want that little gadget you wish you'd have, for a veeery long time, then a replica of that item would fulfill your needs.If you...
39 minutes ago - - Online Shopping

Do You Prefer To Wear Leather Shoes, Rubber Shoes, Sneakers, Or Slippers?

I like leather shoes best because they breathe, but I can't afford them. Instead I wear synthetic shoes from Payless, but basically the same style I would wear if I had the money for the leather version.
42 minutes ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Quitting Starbucks

I decided to quit Starbucks and delete the app from my phone for 2 reasons. Coffee is not organic-- for health reasons I really need to eat as organic as possible. Starbucks is the only coffee shop in my town that serves conventional coffee, which...

Does Anyone Here Use Henna As Hair Dye?

I'm really looking into using henna for hair dye, but I'm really scared about the permanence of it. It doesn't wash out at all! That can be a good thing too, as I want to go for a drastic red:cool:I know that because my hair is...
47 minutes ago - - Health & Beauty

Jobandcash scam!!!

How can you even fall for these websites, guys? You must simply look at how poorly these are designed, as it's a truly accurate "scam" detector mechanism. Most people who develop these scammy websites don't have just one to...
49 minutes ago - - Scams = To Good To Be True