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By DrRipley 2 years ago in Hot Deals

iPad APPS: Star Walk for iPad - interactive astronomy guide for $1.99 (Normally $4.99)

*** 70% OFF! Limited Time Offer! ****** A Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner ****** Webby Awards 2012 Nominee in Education and Reference category ****** Winner of Apple Design Award 2010, featured by Apple as Best Apps of 2009, 2010 and in...

By Lostvalleyguy 9 months ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Target: My first and last trip.

Target has been around for a while but not in Canada and it is new to my area. I thought I would check it out the other day as I had a few items to pick up which I would have picked up at what was formerly Zellers. Like its predecessor, Target...

By Denis Hard 9 months ago in Misc & Others

Do Your Buy All Your Stuff From One Store?

It could be more convenient to do so the prices vary either a lot or by small margins. In some stores, groceries could be cheaper but other products more expensive. In other stores the reverse could be true.Personally, I normally shop on days when...

By fruii29 1 year ago in Product Reviews

What's the best beer for you?

The first time I drank beer was when I was sixteen. I can't forget how I fell in love with the taste of the beer. But I haven't been adventurous when it comes to other beers. As far as I am concerned, I like Budweiser and Corrs....

By bellamamma 2 years ago in Pets

Does Free Puppy Advertising REALLY save you money??

Okay, so we have a new litter of pure bred, champion sired golden retrievers. We are selling them for a really good price. Anyways, I took advantage of the free pet advertising you can find everywhere on the web. For example, I used ebay...

By vpresson 2 years ago in Product Reviews

What are some good smartphones?

Okay so i am in the market for a new smart phone what are some good ones i don't care if they are new or old i just want a phone that's going to load and not freeze up right now i have the samsung transform which they don't even...

By JJohnston 2 years ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Best Buy vs. Amazon

I was recently informed that most people now a days will go to Best Buy to physically look at whatever it is they want to buy but then subsequently purchase it online. I'm wondering how many people actually do this.I have never had an issue...

By lindbergh 2 years ago in Movies, Music & Games

Have You Watched Breaking Dawn Part 2?

I just finished watching Breaking Dawn Part 2. I was turned off by part 1 so I wasn't expecting anything special out of the movie. To my surprise, I enjoyed every second of it. The movie is very well made, the characters maintain their charm...