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Would You Use A Watch Phone?
I really don't like the idea of a watchphone. lol It's not for me. It's so uncomfortable to use, just thinking about it makes me despise the idea even more. I can safely say I'll never use that device even if everybody...
Posted by: obliviousme in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 7 minutes ago
What type of oil
We use coconut oil to fry our food. I think this is the cheapest variant available, so that's what they buy.
Posted by: sidney in Food & Drink - 10 minutes ago
Citrus fruits
I appreciate citrus fruits, too. I love all of them, especially oranges. They smell good. They are rich in Vitamin C and fiber. I usually drink lemon tea when I dine and have oranges between meals. They are good...
Posted by: Aurora in Food & Drink - 10 minutes ago
Buy or build a computer?
Buying my own computer is what's best for me since I'm not really good in building stuff especially computer related things. Just nope. It's not my thing. I'll mess up the whole thing if tried and then it would cost me...
Posted by: obliviousme in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 13 minutes ago
Can you drink cooking wine?
Sometimes whether you CAN do something and whether you SHOULD do something are two hugely different things, and I think this definitely falls into that category. Yes, you can drink cooking wine. Apart from possibly...
Posted by: JessiFox in Food & Drink - 15 minutes ago
Which brand of jeans do you prefer?
I don't really have a preference of brand when it comes to jeans. I look at the quality, style, and material before I opt to purchase them. But I guess if I have to pick one I'd go with Phat Farm jeans. They're...
Posted by: TPhoenix in Fashion & Apparel - 16 minutes ago
New study on milk
These studies are quite inconsistent, maybe because technology before was not as advanced as compared to today? There also has been a study regarding milk not really helping to combat osteoporosis. I guess the latest...
Posted by: sidney in Food & Drink - 18 minutes ago
Chinese Brand Smartphones
I don't know but i really don't trust Chinese smartphones. I feel like they break easily and doesn't guarantee product quality. I don't know about you but I've heard horror stories about Chinese products in general, not...
Posted by: obliviousme in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 18 minutes ago
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