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Pet Stores

How about raising a chihuahua or Pomeranian? If you're not a dog-lover, then perhaps cats would do for you. Either way, small dogs and regular cats don't really take too much space in your house. You can meet your kids half way by...

By roy835 41 minutes ago in Pets

Cats and the Cold

Cats with heavier fur like the Persians and Scottish Folds would not easily get cold. In fact, these cats are more suited to temperate climates. Their fur will protect them well. On one hand, ordinary street cats with thinner fur and furless ones...

By imlulut 49 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints


Shopping at Target is always "therapeutic". I appreciate the goods they sell there. Almost everything I want to see, and purchase, is there. Even if it's only for browsing around and eye on some items I would save up for the next...

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Our Crap Could Be Your Crap

Garage sales aren't popular where I'm from so I doubt the neighbors and passers-by would take an interest in the stuff we'd be selling. The houses here hardly have yards so even if they want to, they couldn't. I did see people...

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How To Keep Don' A Trustworthy Site?

What are the standards in which to decide if a website is trustworthy? What are the foundational values a website is posing to project? Any whatnot ideas? I think it's justifiably uncomplicated to make an opinion-- constructive opinion...

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What do you look for when buying a car?

I look for three things when buying a car. First, it must have a simple but sleek design. I like the understated elegance of Kia Rio and Toyota Altis. Second, I need to consider the price. Don't we all consider the price? Even if I have a...

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How Fast Is Fast Food?

Usually, fast food is relatively fast. After working in fast food, I realize how fast you have to move constantly in order to make this fast food seem like it is truly fast. Also, whenever you are working at a busy fast food establishment, it is...

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Are Wearable Fitness Devices Worth The Money?

Ah, that explains the sleep issues. Sometimes, there are days where it is really hard to sleep just because of the work load and stress that comes with college. I'm sorry about your eye. You have seen a doctor about these conditions, correct?...