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Using your phone as a hotspot for internet at home
This is a great idea, for some. I live in a house with four people, who are almost always on the internet. We pay roughly 100$ a month on internet, because we need enough for four people. If I was alone, this seems like...
Posted by: Baxate in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 7 minutes ago
Take dog trick-or-treating?
My dog would go crazy around all those people in costumes. He is a very protective depends on the dogs temperament some dogs would probably love all the attention they were getting from walking around.
Posted by: Melissast in Pets - 13 minutes ago
Homeschooling Tutor recomendations
---Quote (Originally by H.C. Heartland)--- The students can connect to the internet and if they choose to go into the class for the day for help they can. If not, (for example, daily travel may not be possible because...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 14 minutes ago
When watching TV or Movies, what's your favorite snack/treat to eat?
I like pizza or chips while watching a movie or nuts. If I have time I make a bowl of fries or onion rings and dip them in mayonnaise or ketchup which isn't too expensive. It depends it you are sharing or eating alone....
Posted by: Theo in Food & Drink - 15 minutes ago
what is the best scratching post
I was looking at cat condos and scratching post for my cat. He really needs one, but the ones that I see in the stores around here are kind of expensive. I am trying to think of a better alternative, or a place that...
Posted by: Melissast in Pets - 17 minutes ago
Sub Way Sandwiches
I had to laugh the other day when a Sub Way sandwich commercial came on during the football game. They showed this huge, carefully crafted sandwich, overflowing with meats, cheeses, and veggies. I have yet to see a real...
Posted by: Zyni in Product Reviews - 21 minutes ago
beef Stew in Can
Putting it over rice was a good idea to use it up, ACSAPA, but I don't much care for canned beef stew either. It seems to be a tiny bit of scrap meant, a few veggies, and mostly gravy. My husband was once served this...
Posted by: Zyni in Product Reviews - 27 minutes ago
How do you dispose of your old computer?
I still have my previous computer in the closet because I still have photos and videos on it that I want to transfer to my current computer. The last time I disposed of a computer, I sent it to a recycling/reselling...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 30 minutes ago
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