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Do You Still Buy An Item Even If The Seller Doesn't Offer Returns If You're Unhappy With The Item?
---Quote (Originally by mariee)--- Yes I would. eBay offers a buyer protection program that is valid for almost all listings (if it's covered it says so in a corner of the page). A seller may say that they offer no...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Online Shopping - 11 minutes ago
anti aging and wrinkle creams
Yes, anti aging wrinkle creams really work. Its help in reducing wrinkles and keep your skin young looking.
Posted by: TerrillLouis in Health & Beauty - 18 minutes ago
Do you eat all of the pieces of bread in a loaf?
The end pieces might not be my favorites, but my daughter and I eat them. Nothing goes to waste in our family. Bread is bread, no matter what part of the loaf it comes from.
Posted by: ACSAPA in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
When the Internet is Disconnected
You only fall for it once! Since I fell for it I'm VERY alert to contracts that I enter into.
Posted by: deansaliba in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 2 hours ago
How do you cut your phone bills?
There is this app for your phone and pc called "Viber" and it lets you call and text anyone in the world for free as long as you're connected to the internet. I know that in Skype you still have to pay right? This one...
Posted by: sidney in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 3 hours ago
Would You Consider Watching Alternative Sports?
Beats me too. If I can't watch a game on the TV then I always find a free game being played in the neighborhood, to watch. In our town, in Summer, when the kids don't have to go to school, there's always a match to...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Sports & Fitness - 3 hours ago
Prepaid phones are a great way to save money on cell phone bills
I have always used prepaid phones, and it does save you a lot of money, because you can control your usage as compared to using postpaid phones, because whether you use it or not, you still get charged the same price. I...
Posted by: sidney in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 4 hours ago
Vegans Ethics
Vegans don't eat any animal-derived products. They actually believe eating an egg is cruelty in itself because you're 'murdering' the chick that would have been hatched from that egg, that's assuming the egg was...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Food & Drink - 4 hours ago
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