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Latest discussions on forum

By Zyni 50 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Hamburger Patties Or Bulk Ground Beef

I just purchase hamburger patties because it's more convenient, no need to prepare them at all. You'll just take them out of the fridge and cook them.

By Rocky 56 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Stop drinking coke!!!!

I was a bit of a heavy Coke drinker before, but after finding out how harmful it is for our health, I have decided to stick to juices, iced tea, and water. No more Coke for me. Whenever I want a soda, I would just buy Sprite or Mountain Dew.

By Dora M 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

What About Eggs These Days?

I really don't notice those little things about eggs. They all look and taste the same once you have already cooked them, so I'm pretty fine with them. :)

By dashboardc33 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Are You Picky About Food Quality?

I am not really picky about food quality. I eat any kind of food as long as I like its taste. I even love to eat street foods. It's not only because it's cheap, but I also like the simplicity of going outside and exploring different...

By sidney 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Oats For Breakfast Or As A Snack?

Same here. I live in a tropical Asian country, and oats as a breakfast is really not popular/traditional here. I prefer instant cup noodles in the morning.

By Parker 1 hour ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Do You Always Update Your Apps?

I rarely update my phone apps manually because I think they are already being updated automatically such as Spotify and Camera 360. And anyway, I really don't care that much about getting new updates for my apps as long as they are...

By ReadWriteLearnLove 1 hour ago in Movies, Music & Games

Old Dvds

We don't do anything special with our old DVD's. Most of the old ones used to stay in the garage, until we got it converted late last year. Now, they are all out in the shed. Out in the back garden. The old/newish DVD's that we have...