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Paying yourself first?
Yes I do pay myself first. But I follow a different principle. Instead of saving 10% per month automatically, I follow the 70/30 rule. Instead of just saving 10% a month, I save 70% of my income instead which may...
Posted by: Richiee in Retirement Plans - 46 minutes ago
Save or invest?
I don't want to offend you but these are some of my takes regarding our discussion. The thing is if you just save money till retirement, what will happen to you when you eventually retire? Is it okay for you to just...
Posted by: Richiee in Retirement Plans - 1 hour ago
What Do You Use PayPal For?
I've recently been using PayPal for stuff that I sell on Ebay and Zazzle. I've joined a writing platform called Squidoo, it's really amazing because you basically create pages (what they call a "lens") where you can...
Posted by: Wolf in Payment Methods - 1 hour ago
Coupon Code for Adam and Eve
Thank you for the excellent information! I wonder if they ship overseas? Or is it just a local offer? Either way, it's good to know.
Posted by: Wolf in Hot Deals - 2 hours ago
Kids Easter basket ideas
Girls like- Barbie Dolls, Kitchen set. You can add in basket- puzzle books, coloring books, other story books.
Posted by: Elisa10 in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 2 hours ago
Pizza Hut or Dominoes?
---Quote (Originally by Eagle910)--- I have to disagree. I have always thought that Dominoes pizza was better. Pizza Hut pizza is too dry. They do not put enough sauce on it, and the crust is always too tough....
Posted by: AB91000 in Food & Drink - 3 hours ago
Cleaning With Vinegar
My mom and grandma use vinegar to clean as well. I use a little bit of vinegar to clean my carpet. I mix it with water and a carpet cleaner. I don't know how it actually works honestly, and there aren't that many...
Posted by: isabbbela in Misc & Others - 3 hours ago
Checkout lines in the grocery stores.
Yes. I do this all the time. Nobody ever says anything about it. So, why not use it? Why would i wait a long line when there is one available with no one in it. I think the whole idea of express check out lines is...
Posted by: AB91000 in Food & Drink - 3 hours ago
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