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Missing teachers
Nope, I mean, yes, it was a one-off event as you say in the sense that the teacher usually is there every day, but the concept of substitute teacher doesn't exist in my country, so when the teacher misses the kids have...
Posted by: Peninha in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 37 minutes ago
Paid or Free games
Today is the best day to buy games because it's the Black Friday and we get awesome discounts. I know people that are buying a lot of stuff today (including games) so that they can sell them later with a profit.
Posted by: Peninha in Mobile Apps & Games - 38 minutes ago
Apps that control things
LOL, so that's not bad even so. :) Either cases I think that this is a trend that it's just starting, the time for a lot of remotes will end or any remote at all, in a near future we might buy a TV and they give us a...
Posted by: Peninha in Mobile Apps & Games - 39 minutes ago
Almond milk
---Quote (Originally by Onionman)--- I drink almond milk and soy milk because I'm also lactose intolerant. Both for me act as good substitutes. The trouble is the industry and infrastructure is geared towards the dairy...
Posted by: Peninha in Product Reviews - 42 minutes ago
Women losing hair
I have a colleague that is on her mid sixties and she doesn't has much hair, to the point in which we can see her head underneath the hair. What might be causing this to a woman, she doesn't has any special disease......
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Least expensive way to get an Amazon Prime membership?
I really want to get Amazon Prime but spending $99 all at once is too much for me right now. I do subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 monthly, so the Prime membership would save me money in the long run, since...
Posted by: professionaltightwad in Online Shopping - 1 hour ago
Toothpaste Alternatives
Quite honestly, I don't see any alternatives that would be cheaper than just buying toothpaste. Sea salt costs a lot more than what I pay for toothpaste, at least in my area, and I should think that would taste pretty...
Posted by: professionaltightwad in Health & Beauty - 1 hour ago
Do you buy clothes online?
I don't buy clothes online because it's a hassle to mail them back if they don't fit. I'd rather know immediately if something doesn't fit, so that I can grab another size off the rack. I buy almost everything online...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 1 hour ago
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