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River Or Beach

So I was just using google to see those beach locations you mention and they look surprisingly good. I didn't thought the UK had beach traditions because it's so cold, but it's actually rather appealing!

Anyone Still Using Desktops?

If I had a big place I would not have an issue with having a desktop. Having a small place and only one computer, it's for me very important that it's a laptop, not only to optimize space, but also to carry it to where I need it.

Windows Phone

Funny enough my 73 year old mother just got a Windows Phone for herself yesterday. I was totally surprised because she never had a smartphone, so I believe she will have a hard time with it. My brother advised her lol, so he has to help her! :D

Carrying Healthy Snacks

Ha, now you mentioned a critical point. I too have an acid stomach and if I stay a long time without eating I get stomach pain. So it's actually something really important to carry those snacks.

Fruit Directly From The Tree

One thing I love the most is to pick fruit from the tree and to eat it. I feel it has more energy and it tastes better. I am fortunate enough to do this from time to time. What about you, do you have this possibility too?

Read Free Books Online

I love fanfiction.net, and Archive Of Our Own. My personal favorite between the two though, is definitely Fanfiction.net. I have been in quite a few fandoms over the years - I think it has been three overall - and some of the stories that I read on Fanfiction about...

Pre-paid Electricity?

I'm not sure if that is already implented here but I have read of that prepaid electricity. It is designed for the poor people who sometimes couldn't pay their electric bills. The non-payment of electric bill would cause the electric company to physically...

Christmas Shopping All Year Long?

My mother shops from the time that the January sales begin lol. I think that she sort of always has? Now that I have more money in my pocket, I have been purchasing little gifts here and there when I have been out and about. I haven't managed to get the full...