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Latest discussions on forum

Pringles Or Lay's Stax?

I am going to have to Google Lay's Stax. Though, I have to admit that from just the name alone, I am not very impressed. What a strange name for potatoes chips. Lay's Stax?? Really? Ok then lol. That is the beauty of Pringles though -...
56 minutes ago - - Food & Drink

Do You Prefer To Wear Leather Shoes, Rubber Shoes, Sneakers, Or Slippers?

, You are right, I think it also depends on the country's climate. Over here, boots aren't the norm for casual wear. You will see open-toed footwear mostly being worn for casual wear. There was a time though when boots were in fashion...
1 hour ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Shopping at the mall or online?

I'm a little of both nowadays. I shop online and at the malls, depending on what I intend to buy. Online stores were not so trendy a few years ago. Though there were a few informal shops, you'd still think twice before making your...
1 hour ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Free One Year Magazine Subscription

Yes! Its one of my favorite magazines. I was really surprising to me that I could have it for one year free. They don't ask for your credit card information or anything so there are no hidden costs that I can tell. It is a health/fitness...
1 hour ago - - Freebies and Giveaways

Do You Buy From China?

' post cracks me up. I have to agree. If you're on a tight budget, even if you know a number of Chinese products weren't made to last long, you just have to shrug it off and make your purchase, hoping against hope you'd chance...
1 hour ago - - Online Shopping

Have You Watched The Movie "chloe"?

LOL! Such a scenario is definitely not unheard of so maybe that was the case lol. But it seemed like there was more in it - some type of affection in Catherine's gesture at the end. You know? I don't even know if Chloe loved her. She was...
1 hour ago - - Movies, Music & Games

Victoria Secret Outlet, Best Finds?

I haven't seen any outlet stores either, but I will keep an eye out for them. They seem to have a few in California, well I think I need to visit my aunt there soon and my cousin and I can go shopping together there.
2 hours ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Would you buy from a new store?

I would definitely buy from a new store if it is only a small item. That's one way of testing the new store if it can deliver what it promised - the quality of the items. Giving a break to new stores is like helping new business to prosper.