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Do You Use Grocery Apps To Save Money & Stay Organized?

I have used my calculator to add up items as I shop but I have not used an app for shopping. I think I would use this app when I shop because it does list the items and the prices. thanks for sharing.

Let's talk about paying for water?

I am happy that we do have water that is safe to drink for our families. There are so many places where the water is not safe to drink and I think if they heard a person that has access to clean water complaining about a bill for the water they do get would consider...

Keeping Your Freezer Full

My freezer is pretty small, but it's often packed full. I tend to cook extra, so I have full cooked leftovers ready to go once they're defrosted. I have a labeler, but don't use it, so the freezer is often packed with mystery leftovers, and I...

I Finally Tried That Infamous Dollar Tree $1 Ribeye Steak...

I'm glad someone tried then and reported back. I've also bought their other frozen goods, but not the rib eyes. I like their frozen egg rolls, and the hash browns and sweet potato curly fries are good, as well. I've gotten the frozen flounder fillets...

What do you hate about the drive-thru?

I don't go through drive throughs all that often, but I also don't care for the often tinny speakers. There's one I go use that will only fit 3 cars maximum, and I'm often concerned that a car will come along behind and clip the last car, since...

Is There A Difference Between A Cheap And Expensive Non-stick Frying Pan?

I've got some inexpensive, as well as expensive pans. I do like the look and feel of the expensive ones, but they're not the best at everything. They do some things extremely well, but non-stick frying is definitely not one of them. My smallest frying pan...

What Will You Pay More For?

Grrr, I hate when trash bags tear, they can make such a mess, not to mention the germs. I haven't had that experience with cooking oil, but I agree, there are just certain things you shouldn't settle on, and toilet paper is included in that for me. I have a...


Well I actually didn't know that you could bargain in regular stores. I thought that was just something people did in street/night markets or something like that. When I walk into a legitimate electronic store I'd never even think that the people there...