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---Quote (Originally by Strykstar)--- This sounds like a very good idea for a service, unfortunately for me I read through books very slowly because I only have the time while in bed trying to fall asleep, which leads...
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Which hobbies are too expensive?
I would say that a hobby that became too expensive and was quit because of that probably has other elements of what we really didn't want to do that anymore because when we want to do something, we usually keep it up...
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Are denim jackets even being sold anymore? I know they were really popular in the 80's and 90's but not so much anymore. I could see wearing a denim jacket if the style was really modern.
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What's your go-to drink?
ah, I had an answer in mind, then clicked the whole question and saw it meant alcoholic drink, not drink itself. lol. :) Well then, that would be margarita.
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Do you fix your clothes?
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This is actually a good question. Its been so long since I've worn perfume but when I did I usually would like to just wear one at a time. You have friends that will have 10 different scents at a time? That seems a bit...
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Women's dresses
Its been so long since I've worn a dress lol, I really don't like dressing up much but if you're looking to save some money but not sacrifice on quality I would try an up and coming store called clothesmentor. Its in...
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