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Merchants of hand-selected and hand-prepared spices and herbs. Shop online, find recipes, and learn about the history and lore of spices. Locations in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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    The Spice House: Free shipping for purchase over 50$.

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  • free shipping for purchase over $50

    The Spice House: free shipping for purchase over $50


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  • free shipping over $40 good until 5/5 at midnight.

    The Spice House: free shipping over $40 good until 5/5 at midnight.


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  • Free Shipping!

    Use the promo code to get free shipping with orders of $30 or more. Now through Thursday. Happy shopping.


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  • Free Shipping!

    Ordered some spices for BBQing this summer, free shipping from the Spice Houes, promo code


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  • Free Shipping!

    Free shipping promotion thru Sunday for orders over $40. Use promo code . Also free Jerk sample type in Twitter Friend.


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