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Latest discussions on forum

Where Can I Get Cheap Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets?

Hello Guys, I need Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets with cheap. I am very interested to go there. Many people are buying Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets, which are available in markets or sites like need your suggestion.
58 minutes ago - - News & Announcements

Fleas And Tics

You could try something else too. Apple Cider Vinegar is a flea and tick repellent. Mix the apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3. One part "APC", three parts water. Spray your pet with the solution or wash it with it. That...
1 hour ago - - Pets

Do You Thoroughly Examine Your Grocery Bill?

I rarely do that, only if I have purchased a lot of items. But most of the time, no. I have never encountered being overcharged anyway.
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

Would you consider growing your own vegetables to cut down on grocery bills?

Yeah, I would if I could. But the thing is I am currently living in the city, and there is no place for me here to build even a small garden.
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron

Honestly, I haven't watched the movie yet. Yeah, I know, what a shame. But I really am planning to see this film one of these days when I get the chance. I have heard it was really great, so I am pretty excited. :)
1 hour ago - - Movies, Music & Games

Board Games

I used to play board games before, but I have lost interest in them as time goes by. But yeah, I think it is still a pretty good idea. Board games are sort of the "sports for the mind" specially Chess and Scrabble.
2 hours ago - - Movies, Music & Games

Suspending My Verizon At Night And Resuming Each Day

If you are on a contract no. Verizon are the worst. My old land lady signed up for something she didn't understand and couldn't afford it. We went into the store and caused a so they would move her to a lower tarriff or PAYG. They...
2 hours ago - - Phone, Internet & TV