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Board Games
Do you play any board games? I've been looking at few to buy which seem like a lot of fun, I'm just not sure how often me and the wife would play them... might be a better purchase when I have kids to play with too.
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---Quote (Originally by Eagle910)--- It really depends on what you are looking for. I think that having a treadmill in your home would be extremely convenient. You would not have to go to the gym, or jog on the...
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What is your favorite diet food.
Brussel Sprouts for me. I don't why they are generally disliked, they are like a taste explosion with a great texture.
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Would you take a year off?
My coworker is taking a year off of work so he can travel the world he says he plans at least to go around it, but plans to visit some key places after that if he has the time. Would you do this if you had the chance?...
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Saving in the kitchen
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Cloud vs External Drives
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Amazon or eBay?
I mostly use Amazon, though I occasionally buy from ebay. Even though the products on Amazon are obviously coming from a wide variety of sellers, for some reason I feel more reassured about the quality of the product...
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Housewarming gift
I agree with Clairebeautiful that edible gifts are far more appreciated than knickknacks or decorative items. Personally, a cake or meal, a bottle of wine, etc. would make a great gift, especially as we're settling into...
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