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Olive Oil Soap on Hair
I use shampoo because my hair tends to be dry and brittle without it. I'm intrigued with this olive oil shampoo. I'm a great fan of olive oil because I use it as a moisturizer on my belly when I was pregnant because I...
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[Other] Buy Jaipan 52Pcs Dinner Set at 54% Discount from Infibeam
Buy Branded Jaipan 52Pcs Dinner Set at 54% Discount From Elegant Design. Stainless Steel Quality. Classic Finish. It consists of 52 Pcs of dining items which make it a complete Family Dinner Set...
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Do the clours we wear and surround ourselves with affect our moods?
For me, its the other way around. I believe that the colors I wear depends on what mood I'm in. If I feel happy or excited I tend to wear colorful more lively colored clothing. When I'm down or feeling tired, my color...
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How do you treat your Acne?
Acne was something I suffered with quite a bit during my teenage years. I found that Benzoil Peroxide actually worked quite well for me! A lot of people say Pro Active didn't work for them but it really did help me out....
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Do you always leave a product review?
I am actually more likely to leave a product review if I was really impressed with the product. For some reason when I don't like a product very much I don't leave a review for it. I probably should start leaving...
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SCAMS committed by eBay buyers
This is one thing that I REALLY hate about PayPal. I know they need to do a good job at protecting their buyers to make sure they don't get scammed, but they kind of neglect the sellers and don't seem to care much if...
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Anyone Ever Use Craigslist To Purchase A Car?
I have been in the market for a new car, and I have found some good offers on Craigslist. Has anyone here ever used Craigslist to purchase a car? I am just worried that I will purchase it and it will fall apart shortly...
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What's your favorite dog breed?
For someone who has a family of young children, what would the best dog breed be? I am looking for answers other than labs and retrievers, I know they are great with family! I am just trying to expand our options :)
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