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Condiments, pickles, salsas, ketchups, coffees, logo clothing, gift packs and certificates.


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Buying From Companies With Ideals That Contradict Yours
I don't think I would boycott a company just because of their morals or lack of. I just care about whether they are good enough to me as a customer. Sometimes I don't even care about customer service (like I am with...
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When some people take a vacation, they like to move around from place to place. Essentially they do a bit of a road trip stopping for a couple of days at each location before moving to the next. Others prefer to set...
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Goodwill & Salvation Army
I really enjoy thrift stores, too, but not really GoodWill or Salvation Army. They're actually more expensive than other thrift stores around here and I've had a lot of issues with rude employees at both of these....and...
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How do you guys save on movies?
I think subbing to a site that streams movies is good for a lot of people. Netflix doesn't always have the best movies, but they do have a lot of options in general, so you can usually find something to watch. And...
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