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Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 and single Shake it Off!
I now have her 1989 album and pretty much all of the songs are awesome. I'm a fan of Taylor too and was really thrilled that she released a new album. I've been listening non.stop to the album the first few days i got...
Posted by: obliviousme in Movies, Music & Games - 22 minutes ago
When was the last time you bought an album?
I'm a huge music fan however I'm a bit ashamed to admit this but i don't really buy albums. I normally just download them online. Well, i did buy an album once, i think the last time was back in 2011/2012 when i bought...
Posted by: obliviousme in Movies, Music & Games - 31 minutes ago
I've heard about this site too but i can't seem to trust it so i didn't bother joining in. I've read more bad reviews than the good ones and that's totally saying something. I love music and putting in a music review...
Posted by: obliviousme in Movies, Music & Games - 55 minutes ago
Getting tired of Facebook
Sorry OP, I find the opposite is true as well. Many relationships become stronger once you put a couple keyboards between you. For example, a friend of mine and I have become so much closer since Facebook. People...
Posted by: JosieP in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 56 minutes ago
The Fault in Our Stars
I just recently seen the movie and i thought it was okay. I just want to know what the talk was all about because I've heard countless conversation about this movie, either online or my friends talking about it. I...
Posted by: obliviousme in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
How Long to Droop Flowers to Dry
The drying process takes from ten to twenty days, depending on the plant. When dried, the stems should snap. You need to test the flowers for dryness. Dissect one or two, and build certain the flowers'' insides are...
Posted by: anacer in Gifts & Flowers - 1 hour ago
How to Dry Flowers with Silica?
Silica-gel drying is completed in shallow, airtight, plastic (or glass) containers or trays. I dry several flowers at once employing a 10- by eighteen-in. airtight plastic container. Yours need not be that massive, but...
Posted by: anacer in Gifts & Flowers - 1 hour ago
Using a Microwave Oven to Dry Flowers
The latest and fastest technique to dry flowers is to use a mix of silica gel and a microwave oven. With the utilization of a microwave, you'll be able to now dry your flowers terribly quickly. Flowers ought to be...
Posted by: anacer in Gifts & Flowers - 1 hour ago
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