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By SweetMamaKaty 1 hour ago in Freebies and Giveaways

Free Meta Health Bar Sample

Awww! I got excited and they ran out! I guess it's better luck next time for me! haha!

By PredictHits 1 hour ago in Freebies and Giveaways

$5 Amazon Card Almost Every Week, Survey Music At

I'm all for amazon gift cards. I was on slice the pie and now my account suddenly doesn't work. I will try this and see what happens.

By dconklin 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Do you have a Five Below by you?

I love Five Below. I really like it for birthdays and Christmas to get stocking stuffers and small gifts. I literally have to make myself drive past it because I can spend so much money in there on accessories and water bottles and organizing...

By Hybridlullaby 1 hour ago in Hot Deals

Discounted Dollywood Tickets

I wish I lived close enough to take advantage of this. I went down there on a band competition trip in high school and loved the trip. My favorite part of the whole darn thing was the Dixie Stampede though. It was the best vegetable soup I have...

By Megan888 1 hour ago in As Seen on TV

Does The Ability To Buy "as Seen On Tv" Products In Stores Lessen Your Desire For Them?

I actually prefer to wait until they come out in the stores because I don't order things off the tv. If they have enough sales to make it into a retail store that means they are doing something right. I will pay the money when I see the...

By JoanMcWench 1 hour ago in Movies, Music & Games

Suggestion For A Gaming Console?

I would recommend the early Wii's that played the Gamecube games as well. Between both game libraries, you will be set for a LONG time. I just started this myself, (and I have the heart of a 11 Y/O). The newer consoles are hard to recommend...

By PunkinPie 1 hour ago in Movies, Music & Games

How Do You Save At The Movies?

But way to save for me is to not buy snacks or drinks. Sometimes I will bring in a snack with me, (though some places strictly prohibit this). I'm sorry but I will not be forced to pay 5X the price for food products. I always go to the day...

By sidney 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Like To Wear Short Shorts?

I wear them round the house or on vacation but not to the grocery store or anything like that. I don't like to display my scrawny legs to the world. They look like sticks. I did when I was a lot younger but I'm 38 now so feel far too old...