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Transition to Vegetarianism

I've tried going vegetarian or at least pescetarian numerous times over the past 10 years or so, but with little luck. At most, I will make it about a week or so, then end up giving in due to a variety of reasons. It may be I was having a stressful day and was...

Coconut Oil

Yeah you are going to love it. It is funny that you say it makes you feel slightly sick the idea of gargling with it. Usually some people will eat it. A teaspoon or more to help with digestion. Heals and detoxes the tummy. You would more than likely have a nauseous...

Legitimate Work At Home Call Center Jobs

Thanks for the link Aasif. I will check that one out. I have been looking for a call center job as well. I think I could juggle something like that with my existing full time job. I have been looking into a company called Sykes Enterprises. They operate both an...

Do You "vote" With Your Money?

I've definitely been voting with my wallet recently. I used to buy things wherever they were cheapest.But lately I've noticed that a couple of stores in my area have great customer service, so I've been spending a little more in those places to support...

Free Vitamin C Drink Mix Sample

Emergen-C is a supplement drink mix that you pour into a glass of water to give you a boost of vitamin C and essential nutrients such as 7 B vitamins, electrolytes, and immune supporting antioxidants manganese and zinc, contained in the original formula of this...

Have You Tried Couch Surfing?

I'm confused. I thought couch surfing was when you went from friend to friends couch to sleep? You guys are making it seem like you do this on stranger's couches. Regardless, I wouldn't do this unless I had a vacation planned out and would be visiting...

HBO going solo

Freaking awesome. What a great business decision from HBO. People love their shows and I imagine they'll see a giant surge of people signing up for their service. Can very easily see them being as popular as Netflix, simply because of the strength of their...

How do you start your body toning goal?

It's about setting reasonable goals for yourself. People often overshoot their initial goals like "I will lose 25 pounds in 2 months." or something to that extent. Something that's helped me get healthy is setting much smaller and quicker goals...