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Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar

I put the vinegar on my greens. I tried drinking the stuff and thought I would dye it was awful. I couldn't breath for awhile after drinking the vinegar. I have heard that the drink can be used to help loss weight but I think I will find another way to keep my...

Do You Eat All The Food You Buy?

To avoid waste I use the freezer to keep the food fresh and to save what may have been thrown out. I make soup to use the leftovers and only cook what we are going to eat. And not cook any new meals as long as there are leftovers in the refrig. It does not always...

Best As Seen On Tv Product You Have Purchased?

I didn't purchase it but the Ninja Bullet has really been a good item to have in the home. We had another larger blender that we do not use now that we have the Ninja Bullet to make. I am happy to see someone said they purchased the Cammi cover and it was...

Virtual Assistance Jobs Online

I wanted to try this but I think what happened was out of the ones that I had found you still had to compete as much as you do in the "real world" for the chance to work there. You would think that getting a job online would be easier.

Do You Find It Cheaper To Buy Gifts Or To Create Them Yourself?

Making Christmas presents from scratch is actually surprisingly fun, however once I start making them, I start thinking that I should be using higher quality things to make it look/taste better, so I actually end up spending far more than I expected to in the first...

Fast food: Do you still eat fast food after hearing all the rumors?

I used to eat a lot of fast food, but then I heard a few things and I started cutting down, and now I barely ever eat fast food. It may taste alright, but I don't really want to think about what actually goes into those things...

Is Amazon Prime Pantry Worth It?

So, you have to pay for Amazon Prime, then on top of that, you have to pay another $4.99 per box, plus you're paying for whatever they have that you want/need? It doesn't sound worth it for me. I do most of my grocery shopping in person, but do a...