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Estimated Utility Bills

I've got an estimated bill three times. Each time the estimate was way too high and one time I had to get them to send someone over to actually read the meter because I wouldn't pay the hyper-inflated bill as it was. Prepaid meters will save consumers a lot...

How Much Do You Trust Online Reviews?

I always do a wide search of online reviews, but I'm very cautious and take them with a pinch of salt. I've heard of businesses doctoring reviews, paying people to give rave reviews and even paying people to smear competitors....basically resorting to...

Paypal Credit

I too have never heard of this facility, but it sounds fantastic! I bet though, that it's only available to US residents :( it's such a shame really, because it's something I'd probably opt for over a credit card. I wonder if it's a new...

Food That You Like A Lot But Don't Understand Why

Hehe that sounds fantastic! I may just be tempted to move there LOL I just don't believe $10 could feed two people! I may live in a third world country, but the cost of living is ridiculous here. Everything is hideously expensive. $10 would not go very far,...

Cheap Nailpolish

That's good to hear! I've always wondered how high end nail polish actually compares with regular high street versions. But I've never wanted to spend hideous amounts of money on it. Now that you say there's a difference in wear time, I may just...

Coconut Oil

The thing I like so far about coconut oil is that it actually sinks right in and doesn't sit on top looking greasy. I've even put it on my face before bed, and my skin drinks it up. - and I actually have oily skin. In the morning my face feels very soft. So...

Advice For Ebay Shopping

If you don't receive what you ordered within 30 days then you should file a dispute just in case because if you wait and don't receive what you ordered it will be too late.Ebay has an inflexible 45 day period within which a buyer could file a dispute....

Weight Gain

Losing weight isn't too easy. There are some people who buy clothes hoping that they'll be wearing them when they lose weight but never get to because after trying to lose weight and their enthusiasm flags after a while they never get to wear the clothes....

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