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By catherineJ 2 hours ago in Freebies and Giveaways

$60 Macx Dvd Ripper Easter Giveaway-5000 Free Copies In All

Easter is coming, along with the cute Easter bunny, wow~~~Here's an Easter giveaway I know from Digiarty's newsletter and would like to share with other bargain hunters (like me :P). From now till April 10, 2015, digiarty's is...

By pipebomb 3 hours ago in Freebies and Giveaways

how to get itunes gift card or psn or xbox live for free

Yeah Your Right Jamlew23 I read all term & Conditions . can you discuss me with more information.thanks for favourable reply.

By Diane Lane 14 hours ago in Office Supplies

Where Is A Good Place For Cheap Printer Ink?

I never had a problem with the company I bought from through eBay. The issue is, with this printer, the ink is expensive, even from that company. Maybe in time the prices will decrease. I will definitely post here if I find a quality, low cost...

By Diane Lane 15 hours ago in Online Shopping

Buying Local, Online

You couldn't have said this at a better time. I just clicked on my Etsy bill and it's over $25 for listing renewals. I'm planning to downsize the shop when those listings expire, because it's ridiculously expensive to maintain....

By Denis Hard 17 hours ago in Gifts & Flowers

Do You Keep Gifts You Don't Like?

I tend to keep them because of some thought instilled in me that it is rude to give or throw away a gift. I start thinking about the person who gave it to me and how they would be hurt and offended. I don't, however, keep these items forever.

By Femiluv 17 hours ago in Sports & Fitness

How Do You Stay Motivated And Consistent While Working Out?

For me it is commitment. I commit myself to a morning session, before all the unknowns of life come to invade on my time. I do not always feel motivated to do it, so I force myself. I use music to get me in the spirit too, or follow along with a...

By DonnaIReilly 17 hours ago in Travel

Do You Prefer To Travel On Your Own Or With Others?

I like traveling with others. It gives you the best of both worlds. It is good to share the fun and adventure. It also gives you a level of safety in numbers. Then, there are still times you can have some alone time along the way. I am into social...

By Zyni 17 hours ago in Home & Garden

Do It Yourself To Save Money

I have never done a day project. I do want to do one, but the idea or opportunity hasn't presented itself to me. I am hoping that my artistic ability will help me out some. Your tip about doing research first is one I will take heed to. I...