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How Do You Remember Your Passwords?
The best thing to do is use the same password for every thing you do . On the flip side, never tell no one your password. With todays online signups and so forth, you would drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with a...
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Software PC & Mac - 8 minutes ago
Smoking in the car
Bottom line, if you smoke, you gonna smoke wherever you can. That expalins why when you but a used car, you can always tell if the previous owner was a smoker or not.
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Auto & Moto - 11 minutes ago
Which movies that are coming are soon are you most anxious to see?
There are a few really good movies coming out shortly, and I want to know about your favourites. Boyhood will come to cinemas in my country in September, and I simply can't wait to see that one! If you've never heard of...
Posted by: Kek in Movies, Music & Games - 14 minutes ago
How do you save money on car maintenance?
I'm old school, so I have the old fashion barter system for saving money on auto maintaining. I have numerous street mechanics that own their own shops and do great work, also, you can buy generic products that are just...
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Auto & Moto - 15 minutes ago
Online Banking
I don't have an online bank setup yet. Well, I have Paypal, but that doesn't really count. I need to get my digital certificate, which I have been planning to do for a few years now. I just can't bring myself to do it....
Posted by: Kek in Bank Accounts - 19 minutes ago
What motivates you to work out?
The ting that inspires me to workout is health and weight. I know I''m no longer a spring chicken at the age of 36 so nowadays I'mway more health conscious. I want to be fit and look good while having great health....
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Sports & Fitness - 21 minutes ago
Life insurance scams
I've never heard of a life insurance scam like the one you explained here in Europe, Slovenia. My mother is an insurance agent, so she would definitely tell me if she encountered a potential scam. She works for a big...
Posted by: Kek in Life & Health Insurance - 22 minutes ago
Has anyone tried out Nicer Dicer?
---Quote (Originally by ACSAPA)--- Yup, they make tomato slicers and they cut perfectly symmetrical slices. I did not say that mature cooks can slice things faster. I said that mature cooks already have fully stocked...
Posted by: Kek in As Seen on TV - 26 minutes ago
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