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Eating from different places
It really depends on the time that I have to gather all of my food, but yeah, I'll get my main dish from one place and some awesome side dishes or a drink from another due to pricing.
Posted by: Sugarhill in Food & Drink - 9 minutes ago
What Do You Think Of Apple Watch?
I'm interested in seeing the final product, but I'd rather have a watch that isn't so dependent on one type of phone. I prefer being able to switch up various gadgets in my workflow, that's why I'm not jumping at...
Posted by: Sugarhill in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 11 minutes ago
Are you tempted by free gifts from insurers?
I'm curious to know what kind of gifts you're talking about. I've had the same insurance since I started driving, and have taken advantage of a safe driving discount and my premium goes down each year as I get older,...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Auto Insurance - 16 minutes ago
Suggestion: Quoting
Great suggestion! ---Quote (Originally by Trex78)--- Suggestion: Quoting ---End Quote--- Done.
Posted by: dpf in Suggestions & Feedback - 21 minutes ago
What is the one product that you bought that was utterly disappointing?
Tater mitts! First off, I'm a little obsessed with As Seen On TV items. My mom bought me a pair of tater mitts as a joke one year for Christmas but I was so excited to try them out to get all the skin off the potatoes...
Posted by: kbroder9 in As Seen on TV - 22 minutes ago
Do you buy yourself Presents?
I don't go so far as to call it something special or a gift, I just buy something for myself with no qualifiers, shame or hard fought justification. It's my money and I want it. I did once have a saleslady mumble,...
Posted by: Sugarhill in Seasonal & Holidays - 26 minutes ago
What's the best deal you've gotten at Kohl's? Tips?
I love Kohl's as they always seem to have deals! I've had a lot of family members boast about getting receipts down to less than $10 for multiple clothing items. Recently I was very proud of an online purchase for a...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Fashion & Apparel - 26 minutes ago
eating out -- buffalowildwings
The only issue I've ever had with them is consistency. I am supposing that they have a set recipe, but they don't seem to have a standard in which the recipe must be executed. One day, the cook is on fire and the wings...
Posted by: Sugarhill in Food & Drink - 28 minutes ago
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