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Pet ever save your life?
We've heard these stories of pets that have saved their owners like one where a woman who had a pet pig and one day she had a heart attack and that pig would wander outside into the yard and make noise and no one was...
Posted by: Mayvin in Pets - 9 minutes ago
Do you still have your childhood books?
Some of them yes. Once I left home I took a box where I put all the stuff I wanted to keep and stored it in the attic. It's still there to this day and once in a while I look at stuff or read a tale or two to remember...
Posted by: prettycolors in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 12 minutes ago
Baby talk to your pets?
Lol, and the funny thing is they seem to know what I'm saying half the time. Although a majority of the time they're ignoring me because I'm just talking baby talk just to talk baby talk and they've gotten used to...
Posted by: Mayvin in Pets - 25 minutes ago
Do you use stick notes software in your desktop?
Nope, I like my desktop clean. So instead of using sticky notes on my desktop I write on paper the tasks I need to remember doing. Kinda silly in this day and age but it gets the gob done better than the sticky notes I...
Posted by: prettycolors in Software PC & Mac - 25 minutes ago
What is your favorite kind of cheese?
I've been a vegetarian for so long and its been a while since I've had cheese but when I did eat cheese I like mozzarella and regular cheddar. I haven't eaten alot of other kind of cheese though, I have had jalapeno...
Posted by: Mayvin in Product Reviews - 35 minutes ago
Gift Cards
I've given gift cards on occasion but since I've been hearing how more how people aren't into them I've nixed getting them as much. If I buy gift cards I would be more inclined to get a visa card instead of something...
Posted by: Mayvin in Gifts & Flowers - 46 minutes ago
Do you stockpile future gift items?
I've never done this but if I were at a store where there was alot of stuff on sale and I had the money to get I would stockpile. Its good to be able to have a stash of gifts to pick from without having to run out to...
Posted by: Mayvin in Gifts & Flowers - 59 minutes ago
Movies on Netflix.
I haven't started watching movies on netflix though its something I've been meaning to do. When I had digital cable I would from time to time buy a movie but half the time not be into it and feel like I wasted 5 bucks....
Posted by: Mayvin in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
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