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I know what you mean. I'll spend hours looking for a cheaper option. I will go to e-bay, amazon, Listia, and anywhere else I can think of before I'll finally settle on the cheapest one I can find.

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Ah, PerkTV. It's a great passive income earner where you can leave the mobile devices running the application, and they'll slowly accrue points that can be redeemed for PayPal and gift cards. In fact, you can run PerkTV on up to five devices at a time. If...

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ugh hate them. They will suck you dry.

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Honey, I no longer have the figure most of these people have. I cannot feel comfortable in the straight legged jeans. I feel most comfortable in these old fashioned jeans. If I did feel comfortable in these new wave jeans I would certainly wear them.

Not Really Needed

I have this problem too. I have another problem it is called I cannot save for something I want that might be expensive. I like to buy what I want with a deal. The deal I get is not always a deal.