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By DrRipley 20 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Hotpockets & Similar Products

I am not a fan of most freezer convenience foods. They all taste like cardboard garbage to me. I like to take the time to make my own homemade burritos and such and wrap them individually. My family can then grab these and take them on the go,...

By S.O. Price 23 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Confession Time! What Are Some Of The Crazy Things You Have Done To Save Money?

Not sure if I've mentioned this before but I use a foaming dispenser for my soaps so that I can stretch out the huge cheap refills I use when I run out. I also try to use all the ingredients when cooking. Meaning scraps are saved for stock...

By DrRipley 24 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Snacks You Can Eat Cold

I like eating cold pizza, so I do not find you strange at all. I also sometimes eat left over nachos cold too, soggy chips and all! My favorite cold snack is meat, cheese, and crackers because it is flavorful and satisfying. I will sometimes have...

By DrRipley 26 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Quick And Easy Food Products To Pair With Rice

I always have frozen peas or a frozen pea/carrot mixture in my freezer. I usually use it for rice related dishes or (occasionally) pastas. Nothing easier & as fresh as tossing them in & continuing to build a recipe.

By thomas pendrake 34 minutes ago in Suggestions & Feedback


I love DIYs. I don't have many tools, but have been able to borrow what I needed for past projects. Not only do you save money, but you know it's a quality job, and gain experience and skills in the process. I love the feeling of...

By JoanMcWench 38 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Herbs In A Window Box?

I've decided to grow my own herbs (not THAT kind) in a window box outside my window. I've tried growing them inside but my house seems to be a graveyard for everything I try to grow in it. Any tips on what kind of box I should get &...

By Allison2021 42 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

PerkTV and Others? Apps That Make $

This is great information as I have just learned about apps to make money on my smartphone. I will try the ones you guys share here, and hopefully will earn some money while experiment a new area.

By 3 52 minutes ago in Food & Drink


I like eating instant oatmeal with bananas on top but I also eat other kinds besides that one. Oatmeal is the best thing to eat for losing weight and it's heart healthy.