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By Diane Lane 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Do You Re-use Tea Bags?

Not really a finicky eater, I just enjoy tea, and while I don't always drink first flush leaves or whatever, I do like my tea to taste as good as possible, so reusing bags is absolutely out of the question for me. :x The crustiness actually...

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

If Prevention Is Better . . .

I agree. If there is such a thing as a chemical imbalance, I believe it's caused by depression rather than the other way around (we screw with our chemicals every minute of every day lol) and depression is practice.. just as coming out of it...

By hayrake 1 hour ago in Home & Garden

Which Plants Do You Have The Best Luck With Indoors?

Oh, I love herbs! I tend to grow them in my garden, though. They do so much better for me there than they would if I brought them in. And I always manage to dry more than enough to get me through the winter and into the next growing season.Ah, I...

By ohiotom76 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Cashier's Purposefully Over-charging?

look at the recipt before you leave

By SpenserA 2 hours ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Weird Cashier At Walgreens...again...

she shouldn't be butting into someone else's convo it is non of her business

By ohiotom76 2 hours ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Are There Still Long John Silver's In Your Area?

I have a long john silvers about 15 mins away from my house

By Rosyrain 2 hours ago in Food & Drink

Best Local Restaurant

My personal favorite is also a little Mexican joint and happens to be in a strip mall in an older part of town. It's been there for a lot longer, I understand, than I've been in the area (21 years) and seems not to be planning on going...

By ohheyguys 2 hours ago in Other Insurance Type

Renters Insurance

The last time I checked into renter's insurance, my options were limited, because I'm in an area that was pretty much written off after Hurricane Ike. Prior to Ike, I would have been able to buy renter's insurance from pretty much...