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slice the pie dot com
I've stopped using them because I felt it got tedious having to do all those creative, insightful and in-depth reviews on all those songs, some of which just sound generic. Plus you have to pretty much examine the music...
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dose anyone still play board games as an adult.
We still play Scrabble, Chess and Monopoly whenever time and the circumstances permit us to. It's not that we're doing away with these games but adult life gets busier and busier by the minute, so it's hard to gather...
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Anyone still playing cards?
I play card games for real. In fact, I still have my pack of cards with me and carry it around to wherever. My cousins are very fond of card games and we often play it during reunions, gathering in a large circle and...
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Does anyone build resin model kits?
I have built a few Tamiya model cars and planes, as well as some Gunpla as a hobby. While it is pretty fun, the kits can be very expensive, and kits which require detailed painting also cost a lot (acrylic paint...
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Does Hollywood Try To Brainwash People?
It's hard to say what Hollywood's really doing - whether it's trying to brain wash people into believing a new ideology, way of life or perception or just simply trying to promote a movie for the sake of art. What I do...
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Fast food: Do you still eat fast food after hearing all the rumors?
I still eat fast food even after not only hearing the negative aspects about it, but seeing what it can do to people if they live constantly on it from watching the documentary, Super Size Me. Ever since then and...
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Face Wash: Do you stick with what works, or do you change products often?
Touche. "Less is better" indeed. The skin can only take so much. Bombarding it with various facial products can be detrimental to its health. Oh and you have to forgive me for the misinformation. I was under the...
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Black Friday Shopping?
I haven't really done much Black Friday shopping over the years due to finances and the crowd can definitely be overwhelming, but I plan to do a bit of shopping this year. I'm going to have me eyes on Future Shop...
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