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Local produce shops
I also live in an area where fresh produce is readily available. I haven't always and it's really nice to have so much fresh produce available. There is a farmer's market but most people sell from the side of the...
Posted by: DDavies in Food & Drink - 21 minutes ago
Are You Good About Sticking to Your Grocery List?
Yes, I am. We are on a very strict budget. I do leave a $5 margin in case I see something on sale that I can stock up on. I'm also very big on stocking up and planning meals according to what I have stockpiled.
Posted by: DDavies in Food & Drink - 30 minutes ago
Growing your own herbs
I'm an avid gardener. Herbs always taste better fresh. To ensure the best taste, pick them in the morning before the heat of the day starts to set in. This is when the oil concentration in the leaves is at its highest....
Posted by: DDavies in Food & Drink - 33 minutes ago
Do You Still Buy Or Collect Magazines?
No I don't buy magazines anymore ever since men blogs became popular. They're free and there's a lot of male websites that provide the daily dose of information that I need to ensure that I'm a better version of myself...
Posted by: Richiee in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 1 hour ago
Do You Go to the Movies Anymore?
Yes I still go to the movies. Maybe once or twice a year I think? And that's only when my friends manage to convince the cheapskate within me. Lol. :D Kidding aside, I don't appreciate going to the movies as much as...
Posted by: Richiee in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
Worst virus you got?
---Quote (Originally by Magicman94)--- The worst virus I've ever gotten was the FBI Virus. It locks your computer and claims to be from the FBI. It tells you that you need to pay a $200 fine for illegal downloading via...
Posted by: Nickchick in Software PC & Mac - 1 hour ago
Amazon or eBay?
Ebay is ok and I recently discovered they can actually ship things to you faster sometimes. However, I feel safer at Amazon because you don't have to worry about scam sellers. The main reason I use Amazon more though is...
Posted by: Nickchick in Online Shopping - 2 hours ago
Why are Compact Disc still being produced?
I don't buy CDs anymore but I still keep some of the ones I own. If I were to get a car that had a CD player, then I would listen to them then. Of course some cars nowadays you can plug in your Idevice but even so I...
Posted by: Nickchick in Movies, Music & Games - 2 hours ago
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