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What Do You Do With Your Old Devices?
I usually just sell them on shops before they get too old to be useful. Sometimes I tend to dissasemble them and probably find some useful parts on it. I also tend to give them away to friends that might need them
Posted by: deathbyprayer in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 5 minutes ago
Is anyone excited for the iWatch?
Smartwatches aren't really my thing, so I never get excited when they release them, regardless of the company. I actually have seen some latest smartwatch releases and I never even bothered to read the article. I think...
Posted by: sidney in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 17 minutes ago
At what point do upgrades become redundant or unnecessary?
I only upgrade when there's something wrong with the device or if it's inadequate and it can't do what I want it to do, so that's not really often. Upgrading is unnecessary if you don't have any use for the new...
Posted by: sidney in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 34 minutes ago
Natural teeth whitening
My teeths are very yellow. I am not sure what exactly is the reason, as I have come across many reasons that lead to yellowing of teeth and do not know which one actually suits me. I think it is the becuse I brush my...
Posted by: akiii123 in Health & Beauty - 54 minutes ago
Are you a sucker for sports cars?
When I see a sports car, my head turns quickly. Sports cars are slick and fast. I do want one but I'm not dying to have one since I know that they're impractical. Would I want to drive one? Of course. Who wouldn't want...
Posted by: lindbergh in Auto & Moto - 1 hour ago
Do you play games on your PC?
I used to play pc games a lot when I was younger, but now I really don't have time to play games anymore. Back then I used to play Half Life, Need For Speed, GTA, etc. Right now I play Silent Hill for pc when I have...
Posted by: sidney in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
Do You Still Buy Newspapers, Magazines, or Tabloids?
We've stopped reading newspapers when they were already available online. Subscriptions to newspaper alone is about 1/4 of our internet cost, so we just get the most out of online available news. Plus, you get to...
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 1 hour ago
Work from Home Scams?
I have come across lots of scam jobs. It is very easy to get lured by them. Most of the scam jobs are very easy to figure out, and a little research is what is needed. Some of the worst jobs I have come across is when...
Posted by: akiii123 in Scams = To Good To Be True - 1 hour ago
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