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Barter Trade?

I currently live in a third world country, and here barter is alive and well. Money is often scarce, but the show has to go on somehow. So there is the usual exchange of services and favors that keeps the economy flowing. It's actually quite amazing with how...

Uncommon Goods

this is another one of those sites that serve no other purpose for me other than some really sweet eye candy. I spend more time than I would like to admit "window shopping" at sites like this.

Pots And Pans

I just have a cheap Farberware nonstick set that I bought on Amazon and they last because I don't use metal tools or anything that would scratch it.


If you are looking for a few cents to pick up here and there, you should try "microworkers". you don't have to be in the US to do it. I don't make a lot doing it, but a couple dollars here and there will add up.

The Pyramid Collection

it isn't in my budget either. Not anymore. But I love browsing and seeing all the beautiful clothes and decorations. I already decided that if I become disgustingly wealthy I'm buy everything they have. The dress I bought from them was about 120$ and its...


OMG, no kidding! To suggest getting a loan was just so over the top. I didn't go back to him after that. I found someone who will pull any tooth in your mouth, no matter how bad it is. And he lets you make payments. 25$ a month got all my work done. No bank...

How do you feel about Whole Foods?

I think it's despicable that they were overcharging for their deli food by their pound. A container of potato salad shouldn't be $20. That scandal has really hurt their image. I'm glad that I stopped shopping there a long time ago.

I just signed up for this. I have ordered a 4 blade razor with 4 cartridges. It's going to cost me 6$/month. Every month from here on out, (until I cancel), they will automatically charge my card and send out a 5 pack of bladed. I don't know of ANY good...