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Zara or TopShop

I also prefer Zara over top shop. I just prefer the clothes more.As for the prices I think that Zara usually does the best end of the year sales in my opinion. At least, my Zara always tend to have a sale section which I am always taking advantage of!

What is your favorite online store?

Where do you shop most online? Did you have a really great experience somewhere? Maybe a bad experience? I personally love to shop at I shop there all the time. I do shop there less now that my free trial of Amazon Prime has ended. I haven't had the...

Where do you buy Winter Jackets?

I've been looking for a winter jacket before it starts getting really cold (I'm already a little late on that one already) but I've had a hard time finding a good winter jacket under 100 bucks. Only place I've found anything decent is H&M....

Do brands really matter?

I mean, if you look great in a cheap shirt or a plain shirt does it really matter if you're wearing branded clothing? Society these days has become a lot about looks and status, thus this topic. Personally, I would much rather no name clothing that I look great...

Where do you buy your jeans?

The price of blue jeans seems to vary more based on brand than quality. With that said, where do you buy your blue jeans? Do you opt for a durable pair only or do you buy this clothing piece based on a logo/brand type? For me, I don't really care about the...

What is your favorite place to shop for clothes?

My favorite place is Marks&Spencer. I have been wearing their short and long sleeve shirts for my office attire. Their Blue Harbour jeans are pretty nice to wear as well. In addition to having a decent collection of wardrobe, their store also has the snack...

Favorite site to buy clothes online?

I personally have to buy my clothes in person so I can make sure they fit right but it would be nice to be able to just order them online and not go through the time consuming task of searching and trying on every little thing. For those of you who do shop online...

Are You Loyal To A Specific Brand?

I have been a skater girl since high school and all of my clothing and apparels were strictly all skate brand or surf brand or rocker brand clothings.I like Volcom, DC, Reef, Element, Tribal and so on. Not really much girl oriented but they do have some clothing line...