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Zen Magnets are small but curiously strong rare earth Neodymium super-magnets, 5mm in diameter. Bring balance and equanimity to your life.


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  • $5.75 OFF Coupon Code

    $5.75 off set of 216 ...

    zenfiresale Get Coupon Code

    ZenMagnets: $5.75 off set of 216, or $18/set

    by 423 Votes
    Last vote: NO
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    • Anonymous - 11 months ago
      Saved 5.24 USD on Zen Magnets
  • $49.47 OFF Coupon Code

    $49.47 off of Mandala Set

    savemagnetsdotcom Get Coupon Code

    ZenMagnets: $49.47 off of Mandala Set

    by 90 Votes
    Last vote: NO
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    • Anonymous - 1 year ago
      Saved 49.47 USD
    • Anonymous - 1 year ago
      Saved 49.0 USD
    • Anonymous - 11 months ago
      Saved 49.95 USD on 1728 Zen Magnets
    • Anonymous - 11 months ago
      Saved 47.97 USD on Mandela Set
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  • $89.99 OFF Coupon Code

    $89.99 off Mandala set

    magneto Get Coupon Code

    ZenMagnets: $89.99 off Mandala set

    by 184 Votes
    Last vote: NO
    YES NO
    • Anonymous - 3 weeks ago
      Saved 100.0 USD on Mandala set
  • $2.31 OFF Coupon Code

    $2.31 off Zen Set

    nootropic Get Coupon Code

    ZenMagnets: $2.31 off Zen Set

    by 493 Votes
    Last vote: NO
    YES NO
  • $23 OFF Coupon Code

    $23 off

    tdsc Get Coupon Code

    ZenMagnets: $23 off Mega Set

    by 186 Votes
    Last vote: YES
    YES NO
  • HOT COUPON Coupon Code

    Original Zen for $24.20 on 4/20 ONLY

    420 Get Coupon Code

    ZenMagnets: Original Zen for $24.20 on 4/20 ONLY

    by 60 Votes
    Last vote: NO
    YES NO
    • Anonymous - 1 year ago
      Saved 11.5 USD on zen magnets
    • Anonymous - 1 year ago
      Saved 11 AUD
    • Anonymous - 1 year ago
      Saved 13.31 USD on zen magnets
    • Anonymous - 1 year ago
      Saved 20 USD on 2 sets
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