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Latest discussions on forum

By DrRipley 2 hours ago in Misc & Others

Saving Plastic And Paper Bags

Plastic bags are now banned in my hometown. There is a ten cent fee per paper bag. I still have a nice collection of paper bags. Sometimes I forgot to bring my reusable bag or I make an unexpected stop at the store.

By Darakath 3 hours ago in Hot Deals

Site To Buy Unbelievably Cheap Games

Wow! Thanks for sharing that. My family loves playing video games. Including myself lol! And, I love to save money so this is a win win for me.

By kjonesm1 3 hours ago in Freebies and Giveaways

Cash To Your Paypal Today

App trailers... I have never heard of it. I will have to check it out. But, earning pennies an hour does not seem appealing is that the case that you have seen?

By Nikole 3 hours ago in Mortgage & House Payments

Need Advice On Buying A Home - Credit Score, Lenders, And More.

The number one thing that I have learned is that maxing cards out then paying them at the end of the month actually hurts your credit score. You can improve your credit by having 33% or less of your total limit. 35% of your credit score is how...

By Denis Hard 3 hours ago in Online Shopping

Buying In Batches To Save On Shipping

I absolutely agree. When you are buying small items the shipping can be just as much as the product in some instances. That is a complete waste. I am with you 100% on that one. I always go to the local store for certain boutique baby items. Saves...

By butterfly1 3 hours ago in As Seen on TV


Everytime the Snackeez commercial comes on my son just begs and begs for it. Has any one used it? Does it prevent mess? Is it worth the money?

By Zyni 3 hours ago in Health & Beauty

Emery Boards Or Nail Files?

I hate metal files! I almost always use those cheap emery board style ones. I also use the larger emery board files and the softer ones like what you see in salons. The metals ones are way too harsh for me, though.

By Rosyrain 3 hours ago in Bank Accounts

What Do You Use Your Bank Account For?

I use my bank account for a lot, but I don't ever write checks. So I use it for online bill pay, for example, as well as direct depositing my checks, pulling out the occasional cash, transferring money between other accounts (such as PayPal),...