How to Effectively Use Coupons for Groceries

There are so many people who collect coupons without knowing how to use them effectively. In the States, there are people who are constantly couponing, as it helps them save tons of money on anything and everything they purchase. You don’t necessarily have to use coupons for groceries, as I’ve seen coupons for tires changes, coupons for haircuts and even coupons for casual dining restaurants. If you really want to save money on groceries, you should collecting coupons that you intend on using. These coupons will have an expiry date, so you always have a limited time frame to make use of them.

  1. You should first look over the types of food you generally purchase for the home. If you mostly buy produce items, this is what you will need most of your coupons for. Always make sure to have valid coupons, because outdated or expired coupons will not help you in saving money. When you do see coupons in the flyers or newspaper, consider them and check to see if you will be buying any of those goods. If you won’t be purchasing those goods, don’t waste your time with clipping those coupons.

  2. To get the most coupons, you should consider looking over all related flyers and newspapers. Some stores don’t usually distribute coupons, and instead they would simply offer weekly discounts on grocery items. All you have to do is keep track of weekly discount offers, so that you could save money on your purchases. A good way to save more money would be to purchase non-branded items, such as the ones made by the store itself. They would be much cheaper and would help you save money on your grocery items.

  3. There are times when you would be able to use more than one coupon for different items, so you’ll see a reduction in your overall grocery bill. On the internet, you will be able to find printable coupons that you could use at grocery stores. These printable coupons would help you with saving tons of money on a yearly basis, so why not take advantage of this benefit? Coupons are constantly being distributed, so you will always be able to find grocery coupons.
  4. In order to effectively use coupons for your grocery purchases, you should always go prepared. Keep all the valid coupons with you and purchase the items that you can get on discount with the coupon. When you are at the cashier’s desk, simply present your coupons and watch while the cashier knocks off a few dollars from your grocery bill. Lastly, I would just like to mention that you will need to subscribe to some coupon websites so that you can receive updates when new coupons are posted online. As long as you have valid grocery coupons for all your grocery shopping; everything should go fine in helping you save money.

Stuart Pitrone

Stuart Pitrone

Stuart Pitrone
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  4. Hi Everyone !

  5. Looks like a very effective tips. Thanks!

  6. useful tips, got 20 % reduction

  7. Thank you! Very useful tips!

  8. Thank you for a great article and links to go along with it! I am sort of new at using coupons so I will certainly take your advice!

  9. One of the best ways to get coupons is to directly email a manufacturer and ask for them. I find it hard to get coupons for products I actually use. I once received so many coupons by request from a “frozen fruit” company that it cause the cashier to be suspicious, and call her supervisor to verify. Simply asking for what you need can be effective.

  10. I wish I had a better coupon holder. To keep all the coupons with me can be hard sometimes. I also don’t know when I can use more than one coupon on one item, so I guess it is time for me to start asking. This post has helped me realize more about coupons.

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  12. g16

    yes to save more on your trips sunday paper, coupon website, and look at ads to compare prices and match your coupons. best way to save

  13. kindredsoul

    It looks like yehbi coupons is a place to check out coupons so I will do that after I log off. It would be good to see a post listing top five coupons sites to sign up for 2014. I have been going to CVS and I get a lot of buy one get one free items there. So it is good advice to have people check flyers and not just coupons. Thanks for your post.

  14. pennylane

    I have been wanting to get into couponing. Before it wasn’t worth my time but now I have a little more free time to dedicate toward it. I’m slowly learning the ropes about all of the rules. I like that you can find so many coupons online these days. Saving a little bit of money when I shop always makes me feel good. Why pay extra when I don’t need to?

  15. Thank you for a great article and links to go along with it! I appreciated much.

  16. Lisa

    This is all great advice!

    My first job was in a grocery store and I learned a great deal about saving money from the regular coupon users that would come through my lines.

    You’re right that most people overlook the fact that they can use more than one coupon for an item. It’s a great money saving tip. I would caution to make sure that their is a barcode on the internet coupons that are printed out. The store I worked at refused to take them unless they had a barcode. It’s easy to make fake coupons on the internet now, so always be aware!

    To all the people that think it isn’t worth it to coupon, I would have to disagree with you. I’ve seen people have a cart full of groceries for $100-$150 and from coupons and discounts the grand total was below $10. Cutting coupons works but it is very time consuming.

    Also, make sure you know the store’s coupon policy. Just because one store accepts internet coupons doesn’t mean another will. Same with “free” coupons or expired coupons. Every store is different.

  17. NikkiDesrosiers

    Thank you for offering such great tips for couponers. One amazing trick that I have found through my experience is that coupons are only as effective as your will power to reduce impulse shopping. You can have all the coupons in the world but if you are buying an item just because you are saving $0.25 on it — you aren’t doing yourself a favor.

    Instead, it is wise to make out your grocery list several days before you shop – and then take the time to look through the circulars of the stores you shop. Only buy brands that are on sale if you can help it — and match those brands with coupons you find online. If you stick to your list and use your prepared coupons you will see a HUGE difference in your bill.

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