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Weird Way To Save Money
It's not about the shopping list. The focus was supposed to be more on the time limit — shopping in a hurry.
Posted by: Denis Hard in Food & Drink - 16 minutes ago
Do You Have a Monthly Pet Budget?
I only buy my cat food and nothing else, so it's highly unlikely that I will overspend when it comes to my pet. Cats are low maintenance pets too, that's why I love them.
Posted by: sidney in Pets - 27 minutes ago
The Perfect Christmas Gift
I only give gifts to my close friends and immediately family. I don't give gifts to my other relatives. I don't know. I may be perceived as stingy, but I do not want to give gifts to people I am not close to. Also, I...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Gifts & Flowers - 31 minutes ago
What Do You Intend to Wear this Winter?
I prefer the usual UGG boots, leg warmers, sweater, etc. I don't really have a distinct fashion style. As long as I am comfortable and I am warm, I am okay with what I am wearing. :D
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Fashion & Apparel - 36 minutes ago
Learn To Sew
Thanks for the link! I know how to sew, basically However, I cannot make new clothes, just repairs. Learning how to make your own clothes is a skill that I really want to learn because it is very useful. Also, you can...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Fashion & Apparel - 39 minutes ago
Save money on electric bill by line drying clothes
It all depends. Some people have the space to hang their clothes, and some don't. It's also weather permitting. Perhaps you need clothes dried fast because it's been a long day and you don't have the patience to hang...
Posted by: Nate5 in Gas & Electricity - 50 minutes ago
Do you use TripAdvisor or other review sites?
I do use it for referencing, but it is important to use multiple sources of information as some of it could be outdated or inaccurate. I always borrow a guidebook as well before travelling. The best option in my opinion...
Posted by: Squigly in Travel - 1 hour ago
Black Friday in the UK
It's amazing how the slow creep of US-style retailing is making inroads into the UK. Growing up, the idea of such discounting before the Boxing Day sales (or even the New Year sales as it really was meant to be) was...
Posted by: Onionman in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 1 hour ago
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