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Do you ride the subway for free?
There's no subway where I'm from, only the Metro (elevated trains) though they usually offer free rides on certain special holidays. :D And about getting free rides.. I wouldn't risk anything to get free rides...
Posted by: eppie in Misc & Others - 4 minutes ago
Would You Give Up Your Privacy So You Could Get Paid?
---Quote (Originally by ragtimeannie)--- ... Google already knows more about me than anybody. I'd be kidding myself if I didn't believe that, but I love their products and love that they're free, so so far I'm...
Posted by: eppie in Misc & Others - 17 minutes ago
What's your Favorite Animated Movie?
My favorite animated movie is Tangled and I came across this film by accident when my niece was watching it while I was babysitting her. I figured it kept her quiet and I wasn't doing anything and decided to watch the...
Posted by: May102014 in Movies, Music & Games - 20 minutes ago
movie theaters that serve dinner, drinks and seat you at tables
Eh, it depends. Yeah, I been to one of these and it was during the opening night of a film. It was annoying listening to people eat around me as well as trying to watch the movie. Also, the crowd was a little rowdy....
Posted by: May102014 in Movies, Music & Games - 24 minutes ago
Have you ever bought the full season of a tv show?
Yep! A few years ago I bought the full series DVD box set to the MTV show Daria. I remember loving this show during junior high! I also have the first season to Charlie's Angels but my mom bought it for me as a...
Posted by: May102014 in Movies, Music & Games - 28 minutes ago
Good Evening
Good Evening fellow shoppers! My name is LSJ-8. You can call me LSJ (lady sarah jane) or SJ, if you would like. Eight is my favorite number, which is why it is included in the handle. I am a stay at home mom to...
Posted by: LSJ-8 in Look Who Found Us! (Introduce Yourself) - 45 minutes ago
Your Thoughts on Declawing
Our cats are not declawed, simply because we just never got around to it. They are five now and to declaw them now would just seem cruel. I will admit that them having claws is a pain the neck. Our house and...
Posted by: LSJ-8 in Pets - 53 minutes ago
Grown men wearing skinny jeans
I can't stand skinny jeans. Very few people have the right build for skinny jeans. Don't get me wrong, there are individuals who look fantastic in skinny jeans and can defiantly pull off the look. However, those...
Posted by: LSJ-8 in Fashion & Apparel - 59 minutes ago
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