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Is anyone else waiting for Windows 8 to be gone before buying a new computer?
I think it's a pretty big mistake when people won't buy a new machine just because Windows 8 is the norm now. Swapping out operating systems takes minutes and can be done by anyone on any machine. There are so many ways...
Posted by: troutski in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 5 minutes ago
Do you lend family money?
I have been on both sides of this coin, lending and receiving. As a result, I have concluded that it's better to give family the money without any strings attached or not at all. For whatever reason, when family...
Posted by: True2marie in Misc & Others - 9 minutes ago
How much would developing an app cost?
Try getting a computer science student from a college to help you out. They'll charge you far less than other developers because they'll be interested in getting the experience and name exposure. You can spend as little...
Posted by: troutski in Mobile Apps & Games - 11 minutes ago
Are those PC maintenance softwares for real?
---Quote (Originally by johnnear)--- Yeah some of them are pretty legit. Although I'm not so sure about those Registry Cleaners, they don't seem to do anything that's useful. But as for those hard drive cleaners and...
Posted by: troutski in Software PC & Mac - 13 minutes ago
Whole roasted pig
It always grossed me out when I see a whole roasted pig sprawled out for eating especially when its all decorated up in some silly way. Mainly because I'm a vegetarian but also I wonder how is the pig killed when its...
Posted by: Mayvin in Food & Drink - 13 minutes ago
What things are actually worth spending more money on?
If you're trying to maximize the value and longevity of the product, then you have to pay a higher price for electronics (especially computers), towels, vacuum cleaners, certain clothing items, and more. Paying full...
Posted by: troutski in Misc & Others - 15 minutes ago
Online Banking
I have five or six online banking accounts through various companies, and I have to say that I've never had problems with any of them. Online banking has improved greatly over the years, and that's a good thing for...
Posted by: troutski in Bank Accounts - 19 minutes ago
Can my Paypal account go into the negative if my Paypal debit card was overcharged? I got overcharged and then reimbursed, but ended up with double my money.
A PayPal account can absolutely go into the negatives, but that only happens with ETF transfers or debit purchases in which the charged amount is higher than the original authorization. PayPal will let you know when...
Posted by: troutski in Payment Methods - 25 minutes ago
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