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Early Auction Bidding - Why do people bid so early in an auction?
It's psychological, if someone has already spotted the item, then they know they have a competitor, so they make a bid and hope that person will look for something else. If I see something with a bid on it, then I will...
Posted by: Theo in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 8 minutes ago
Climate changes and clothing industry
I think this does affect sales because people tend to switch out their clothing. If I am still cold for example, and it is spring time, this means that the spring time fashion will be coming out but I won't feel like...
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Where Do You Get Your Movie Recommendations?
I'm sure at least some of us here have experienced wanting to watch a movie on some nights but have no idea what to watch next, especially for those of us who are unfortunate enough not to have sites like Netflix...
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Food Products With The Best Containers & Packaging
Image: I consider Pringles to be one of the best, if not the best packaged food product of all time. I really like that they can take a...
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Beach essentials?
I'll echo the drinks idea. Bring plenty of water and whatever else you want to sip on. Also take some snack type foods. Buying food and drinks from beach-side vendors can get pretty pricey. It's nice to have what you...
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Do you consider music to be therapeutic?
Yes it is. It strikes at your personality and emotion and it has some physical effects than can be visibly observed so I guess it is therapeutic. Some music can actually make your heart rate go slow and help you relax...
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50 to 75% off
I agree that it is probably to lure you into the store. Another reason could be that the company (Nestle) will reimburse the store for the coupon cost in order to get you to try the cereal for free. They want you to try...
Posted by: pennylane in Food & Drink - 47 minutes ago
Remake of ET
I've never seen this movie, so I don't really have that much emotional investment in it a and therefore would probably enjoy seeing a remake. I hunk if they made it now they would have to change a lot of it to the point...
Posted by: DrRipley in Movies, Music & Games - 47 minutes ago
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