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Eggies Review
Did you know that Dollar Tree is selling a knock off version of these for only $1. Might be worth checking out if you are interested in these but don't want to pay full price. I avoided buying these when they were...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in As Seen on TV - 46 minutes ago
Has anyone tried Wen shampoo
Some of the reviews I read of their products indicated that there are two different companies manufacturing Wen shampoos, and one of them is better than the other. I think there are two different formulas out there for...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in As Seen on TV - 51 minutes ago
Do you buy clothes online?
Yes, but only because I am rather boring with my clothing choices, and pretty much only wear certain brands which I know fit me well, so it takes the guesswork out of worrying if it will be the right size or not. For...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 55 minutes ago
When Eating Healthy is not Affordable
Processed food isn't necessarily cheaper than it's fresh counterparts, it really depends on what you are buying. I would say, per pound, fresh chicken for example is cheaper than the frozen processed stuff - which is...
Posted by: ohiotom76 in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
I have never liked lollipops. Even as a kid I would refuse them, disliking the artificial sweet taste and colors. Also, while everybody around me was crazy about fairy floss, I would just turn up my nose at the stuff. I...
Posted by: Dora M in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 1 hour ago
eBook reader apps
I've been using Cool Reader for the longest time. I haven't tried a lot of ebook readers out there, but that's because I have found Cool Reader very good.
Posted by: calebmelvern in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 1 hour ago
Talking Over the Phone vs Typing Over the Phone
Factually, smartphones have become universally popular and utilized. However, they have ceased many people's interest in conventionally talking to others over the phone, as many people would rather text, instant...
Posted by: TPhoenix in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
Why are Most Kids Obese These Days?
I don't really think that obesity in children can solely be put down to a lack of activity. The kind of junk that kids eat today, and that they often get fed by their parents from an early age on, is largely responsible...
Posted by: Dora M in Health & Beauty - 1 hour ago
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