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therapuetic writing
Thank you for this wonderful post. I agree with you. Writing is a very educational and therapeutic activity. :) I kept a journal since I was in grade school though I don't know where my old journals are anymore. I also...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Health & Beauty - 7 minutes ago
Why are Most Kids Obese These Days?
I think that most children are obese these days because most of the kinds of food sold today are "instant". Some parents do not spend enough time to prepare healthy food for their children. They are too busy earning for...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Health & Beauty - 9 minutes ago
I just get trims every month or so to remove the split ends. I don't get drastic hairstyle changes because I would rather keep my hair up to my shoulder.
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Health & Beauty - 11 minutes ago
Almond milk
---Quote (Originally by Peninha)--- Now you got me really confused Dreek, you tried soy milk or almond milk, or is it soy milk with almond flavor? (never even knew that this existed). I never tried hazelnut milk, and...
Posted by: DreekLass in Product Reviews - 12 minutes ago
Drinking with a straw
I said exactly the same thing above - well given that JosieP was a lot more articulate than I was - but I don't get any likes? Lmaooo!!! I actually carry a small packet of straws around with me at all times, because I...
Posted by: DreekLass in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 16 minutes ago
Do You Exchange Seeds With Friends?
Yes. Sometimes, I ask my friend (who is a very avid gardener) to exchange vegetable seeds with me. :) He dries heirloom seeds, so I am really excited when trades with me.
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Home & Garden - 19 minutes ago
Do You Prefer Hardwood Floors Or Carpet In Your Home?
Carpets and hardwood floor are rare in PR. The most common floors are terrazo or ceramic tiles. I grew up with ceramic tiles and I love it, it's so easy to clean and after over 20 years the floor sparkles like it's...
Posted by: mariee in Product Reviews - 20 minutes ago
Does the Media Heavily Influence Your Smartphone Purchases?
Whether it's watching or reading the news and finding out about a certain smartphone/app or catching the product placement in a television show or movie, how often does the media heavily influence your decision to buy a...
Posted by: TPhoenix in Mobile Apps & Games - 21 minutes ago
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