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Gifts for older people
Are you serious Strykstar? That's a really cool and economic tradition, so all of you just get together, take a picture, frame it and offer it to them? They must have already at least over 20 pictures no? :D I think...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Gifts & Flowers - 1 hour ago
Offering pictures
Why don't those people life to offer pictures troutski? From my experience, people might no enjoy receiving them because they don't care, but if it's a grandmother for example, she will always love to receive the...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Gifts & Flowers - 1 hour ago
Buying a couch
That might be right in some cases forex, but in other cases it's not true. I've bought my couch in IKEA about 5 years ago for $800 more or less and it's a very good one, so no way I would ever buy a couch for double...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
Harvesting potatoes
If it wasn't for my father in law (already 80 years old!) we would never have them, but he grows them for the family, the whole year, more or less 600 kilos, so imagine the dimension of it, it's not something small and...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
Facebook credits
I once was totally addicted to Facebook games, but I refused to pay for those games, so I tried to earn some credits and indeed I managed to earn some. There is an option there that says if you want to buy or earn...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Mobile Apps & Games - 1 hour ago
Going to the dentist
Are you serious 003? Once a month? You are even worse than me! They recommend every 6 months to go there, I never knew anyone going there once a month or even every two months, but after going 3 weeks in a row I guess I...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Health & Beauty - 1 hour ago
How often do you buy games?
That's how I feel too Denis, I mean, there are so many free games out there why would I buy a game? But there are people that buy games on a weekly basis, I guess those are the true gamers and they spend hours and hours...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Mobile Apps & Games - 1 hour ago
Foods that mess with our health
I can't drink milk very often so I usually drink for breakfast peach juice for some years now, it has a good balance for my stomach. In the past days I decided to try a new pineapple juice (with Costa Rica pineapples...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
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