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Things you do to beautify your living space.
My place is rented so I need to keep it simple and whatever decor needs to be non permanent. What I did was choose pretty curtains, table cloth, entry, kitchen and bathroom mats, shower curtain, bed comforter and all...
Posted by: mariee in Home & Garden - 3 minutes ago
Repairing instead of buying a new one?
I have never repaired anything in my life yet. I always buy good quality products as this is proven to be the best time saver. But when things do breakdown in our household, I always ask my husband if he could do...
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Misc & Others - 5 minutes ago
Are Cat Owners Hypocrites?
I'd say it'd be MORE hypocritical for someone to improperly take care of their cat by denying them the proper food diet they need to be healthy. That's part of being a cat owner; despite what your own beliefs are, you...
Posted by: Thejamal in Pets - 19 minutes ago
What are you summer DIY projects?
My summer project is to plant a flower garden in the front flower bed in the new home I just moved into. There are plants there now that are not really what I would like to see there. The plants have not been cared...
Posted by: Pat in Home & Garden - 22 minutes ago
Funny Tight-Fisted Stories
---Quote (Originally by Jake)--- I do sugar packets or ketchup and other essentials that people don't mind me having. Like in Shake Shack, they have their little ketchup dispensaries and little plastic containers - I...
Posted by: Jessi in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 28 minutes ago
Powdered Juice Drinks
Crystal Light was going to be my sugestion as well, absolutely love that stuff. Even though it's filled with the fake sweeteners, it's still heck of a lot better for you than most other juice drinks or sodas. Just like...
Posted by: Thejamal in Food & Drink - 31 minutes ago
What are your thoughts on Solar panels for your home?
Solar energy to heat the house is cheaper than the electricty I know and often wonder if the cost will justify the additional bills. Last winter was so cold for so long if it maybe time to start thinking about that...
Posted by: Pat in Home & Garden - 34 minutes ago
Would You Eat Raw Meat
---Quote (Originally by johnnear)--- Of course not. I like my beef cooked thank you very much. Veggies I can get down with that but when it comes to meat well I'm not. Fish I can understand since I've eaten raw fish...
Posted by: Thejamal in Food & Drink - 36 minutes ago
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