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How to use a credit card
---Quote (Originally by btatro)--- Watch out for those money hungry pay day advance stores! Unless it is TRULY a life threatening or emergency situation, it is better to seek out another means as you will be paying a...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Credit Cards - 8 minutes ago
Cash as a Gift?
To me cash and gift serve the same purpose so it really doesnt matter which I receive or give. It depends on the age of the person if it for a small child I rather give a gift card to a certain store. But other than...
Posted by: stacyje in Gifts & Flowers - 15 minutes ago
Weddings under $500?
It seems like when most people are planning a marriage they spend thousands of dollars for the big day. I say if you truly can afford it then I guess its ok but for people who are scraping every penny together, f when...
Posted by: Mayvin in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 16 minutes ago
How long should it take to migrate your information?
I am always concerned about migrating information so I store all my files on dropbox to transfer them over. I have used the migration assistant, but I spent half a day making sure everything is okay and I also chose not...
Posted by: Theo in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 17 minutes ago
I don't own a credit card. Should I be worried?
I went 37 years without a credit card. If you're not apartment hunting and you don't think you'll ever be subjected to a credit check, then you don't need a credit card.
Posted by: ACSAPA in Credit Cards - 19 minutes ago
Reading on the computer or reading on Kindle?
I prefer Kindle as well. If you're reading on the computer, at some point you'll get tired of slouching and your back would start demanding attention so of course you would want to lie down and then what? The reading...
Posted by: obliviousme in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 26 minutes ago
Free times
Well on my free time I like to take a nape or watch a short movie or something depending on how much time I have. If I dont have a long time I play candy crush or a game on my tablet or cellphone. I also like to check...
Posted by: stacyje in Misc & Others - 27 minutes ago
Do you have a paying account with any MMORPG?
I don't have any current active subscription, but over the last decade I definitely spent more time with active accounts than without. Besides the juggernaut World of Warcraft I've also had subscriptions active with...
Posted by: Strykstar in Movies, Music & Games - 29 minutes ago
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