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By Diane Lane 25 minutes ago in Misc & Others

Discussing Shopping Cart Contents At Grocery Store

It doesn't bother me. Sometimes people will ask me what the product is like and it's good to share or someone will make a comment and say 'They're good value,' and we exchange our views.We all look in the carts of others...

By SEA81 38 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Cheapest way to eat low carb?

Take advantage of every sale, is my motto. I do that whether it's for regular store or "specialty" items like low carb foods.What I often do is fill my plate (and use a small plate) three quarters of the way with vegetables. Filling...

By Adryan 55 minutes ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

Shy guy or a confident guy?

Confidence is sexy, plain and simple. A shy guy staring at his feet, afraid to make eye contact, let alone approach someone, is not going to be very successful. A confident (NOT arrogany) guy who is outgoing will always attract more attention and...

By hayrake 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Favorite Cookie?

Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies are my favorite or any home baked fresh soft chocolate chip cookies. I'd rather have good quality ones than a large pack of cookies as I enjoy them more and will eat less. I tried that with some fudge grahams...

By SpenserA 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Weird Cashier At Walgreens...again...

I enjoyed reading ALL of the posts in this thread. How I react to situations like this depends upon my mood and how I'm feeling. If I'm having a good day and my pain is bearable, I might ask the strange cashier how she's doing, if...

By pafjlh 1 hour ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

Help Finding Part Time Income Online.

I've had some success with selling in the Facebook Local Groups, but it's hit and miss. It definitely depends on what you're selling, how low you're willing to go, whether you will meet the buyer somewhere to exchange, which I...

By Onionman 2 hours ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

What new online trends are you seeing for making money?

Some content mills show the excerpts so a buyer can buy based on that. Other content mills you accept the job and then they review it and accept it, ask for revisions or reject it.There have been cases where some buyers reject the piece and then...

By hayrake 2 hours ago in Home & Garden

Which Plants Do You Have The Best Luck With Indoors?

Never have I thought about growing sunflowers indoors. How wonderful is that! I think I would love it as sunflowers always look so cheerful.:) I do have three different varieties of mint that I grow in pots as well as in spots around my garden. I...