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Freshly ground peanut butter is my favorite. I find the main brands like Jiff are too sweet for my tastes. I don't like added sugar or honey ... it's sweet enough on its own. I like getting it freshly made so I know...
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Way too many desserts
Desserts are easier to make and usually cheaper. I also think people are less picky when eating dessert. You also don't have to worry about the temperature or letting it sit for a while. An easy dish to bring to a...
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---Quote (Originally by Jessi)--- I think it's awesome! I actually lend both through The Lending Club and through Kiva. TLC is mostly Americans and you can earn some interest kickback on it. Kiva is mostly...
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Yea, the only thing I could think of is germs and plastic bottles aren't exactly all that easy to clean. I would just invest in a nice reusable water bottle that you can just stick in the dishwasher. I got mine for...
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