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Favorite pair of sunglasses?
With summer in full swing, I believe it is timely to pose this question: what is your favorite pair of sunglasses? What makes these shades distinctive? The style, fit, value, or some other special reason? What keeps...
Posted by: bmarks in Fashion & Apparel - 18 minutes ago
"Steal My Music!!" Says the Starving Artist :-)
This is why I like Hoodie Allen (proving your point here by giving him free promotion right now). He is aware that people are going to download his music illegally, so instead of trying to fight that, he uses it to his...
Posted by: bmarks in Movies, Music & Games - 23 minutes ago
How many meatless dishes do you cook a week?
Ok I finally found that recipe for salmon noodle soup I like. I think it's here. Divine. And then from there just transition to completely meatless...
Posted by: bargainbabe in Food & Drink - 28 minutes ago
[US Only] Great 50% Off offer from (for mobile accessories under $50)
Enjoy this great offer from 50% Off (half!) the price from any mobile accessory under $50 with this code: *r96N5x6* You can hunt for suitable under $50 accessories right at the Samsung store: ...
Posted by: oldwriter in Coupons - 33 minutes ago
AMD or Intel?
After using several computers with each brand of processor, Intel comes out as the winner in my experience. It performs better at "equal" clock rates, and runs much cooler. Moreover, that running cooler is not to be...
Posted by: bmarks in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 39 minutes ago
[US Only] Lenovo's "Chrismas In July" promotion
You can enjoy as much as $150 off when buying selected ThinkPad laptops by using coupon: *GIFT4U* If you are planning on buying a ThinkPad, don't miss this! Check the official promo page at: ...
Posted by: oldwriter in Coupons - 48 minutes ago
What kind of Shampoo do you use?
I don't know about whether the more expensive shampoos really make a difference, but when I switched to Head and Shoulders, the difference was noticeable. My hair was softer and flake-free all while smelling pretty darn...
Posted by: bmarks in Health & Beauty - 59 minutes ago
Top Self-Publishing Sites
There was another post in this forum about where to publish, so I thought it might be helpful to post a few of the sites that are good for self-publishing through. This isn't a top ten list, but is more of a working...
Posted by: jdwriter in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 1 hour ago
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