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Dollar General Store Seasonal Sales
I don't usually shop at them because I like quality material but I have visited them before. I have bought some candy or small party favors packages there. I won't go there for clothing or electronics or food products...
Posted by: wulfman in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 23 minutes ago em?.....hate em?
On the other hand is a very good site. They pay you either with gift cards or paypal cash (although this can take up to 2 weeks to credit). You qualify for surveys though. Just be prepared to put some time and...
Posted by: wulfman in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 25 minutes ago
Returning gifts
Yea I usually make it clear to people what I need and those that do give me gifts know what I need so it really is not a problem. But if it is something I don't need and exchange it for something like store credit or...
Posted by: wulfman in Gifts & Flowers - 29 minutes ago
So What Do YOU *HATE* about Facebook?
One thing I hate is the constant updates people make for the smallest things they are doing. It is just ridiculous. And some people are always taking photos of themselves and posting them. How self involved can you be ?
Posted by: wulfman in Product Reviews - 31 minutes ago
Eventhough cd's aren't popular anymore, I will appreciate being given one with all my favorite songs in it. Actually, DIY food would be good too, I have received homecooked meals as gifts during my birthday and...
Posted by: sidney in Gifts & Flowers - 1 hour ago
The Perfect Christmas Gift
For me, to be able to save money on Christmas gifts, then I'll just buy gifts for the people that gave me a gift, so that I can return the favor, lol. I won't be buying gifts for the people that didn't give me one, so...
Posted by: sidney in Gifts & Flowers - 2 hours ago
What made you choose the brand name comouter you have?
I bought my current computer through Every Christmas Amazon has a super sale that lasts until the first week in January. I searched Amazon for the amount of Ram I wanted. I also sorted the results by...
Posted by: Allison2021 in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 2 hours ago
Fun Things You Can Do For $0?
Fun things to do for $0 are a dime a dozen! You just have to know where to look or whom to call to get your towns local free activities. My family has family game night where we play games until we are sleepy. On nice...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Misc & Others - 2 hours ago
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