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Ebay infiltrated by scammers?
That's why ebay ratings are so important. One bad rating can ruin their business and when they get them, they do try to get people to retract them. There are scammers everywhere which is why PayPal does help with some...
Posted by: Theo in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 15 minutes ago
Can too many apps slow down your phone?
Yes the culprit with slow phones can be your own apps as well. I have been using my phone for a year and it is really slow until one time that my brother have locked in my phone because he was not able to guess my...
Posted by: Arajoo in Mobile Apps & Games - 17 minutes ago
What cosmetic do you spend the most money on?
Face makeup will definitely be my number one. Yes maybe I spend too much foundations but for a good makeup look you need a good canvass. I venture out from powder foundations to cream and liquid. I also tried natural...
Posted by: Arajoo in Health & Beauty - 25 minutes ago
Where do you buy korean cosmetics online?
I am slowly shifting to korean makeups because I really love the promises I see from reviews online. The first korean product I bought is bb cream from Sasa. So I searched and found other couple of credible shops to buy...
Posted by: Arajoo in Health & Beauty - 33 minutes ago
Donating money to charities
I'm really cynical as to the motives of all these "charities" sprouting everywhere, to be perfectly honestly. Their intentions aren't always honourable. I hate how ""in your face" they have become nowadays; they're in...
Posted by: Lushlala in Misc & Others - 41 minutes ago
Can you afford two cars?
To be honest, we can't even afford to buy a little run around right now! Ideally, we'd have two separate cars for flexibility and a little freedom. I don't see having two cars in a household as a luxury at all. When we...
Posted by: Lushlala in Auto & Moto - 51 minutes ago
Do you still buy gadgets from Ebay?
I know how everybody is really careful in making online transactions and so do I. But I do believe that there are real bargains in Ebay sometimes. Have you tried getting a new phone or something from Ebay recently? I...
Posted by: Arajoo in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 58 minutes ago
How often to you go to the drugstore?
Yep, that is the fact, whenever we go to the drugstore is means we are sick and in the last week I've been there a lot. The cold weather has been causing me breathing issues as well to my kid, so that is enough for a...
Posted by: Peninha in Health & Beauty - 1 hour ago
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