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Fast food: Do you still eat fast food after hearing all the rumors?
Rumors may have their basis in fact but I still give the benefit of the doubt just in case they were spread with the intention to malign the said fast food either because of competition or some previous personal grudge....
Posted by: xTinx in Food & Drink - 15 minutes ago
DIY De-worming methods please!
My puppy had worms and so we got him a shot about 3 weeks ago. Two days ago he began throwing up and still had worms. I don't I think the first shot was strong enough, so he got two more in his legs. Now he is limping...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Pets - 18 minutes ago
Best Free music players that can handle playlists well?
I have a bunch of players here in my desktop. I have a habit of trying out different players at the same time until I see for myself the one that really suits my needs. The players I have here are Real, GOM and in the...
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Do you like reading while traveling?
I never go anywhere without a book. I tend to be bored with playing mobile games (plus it runs the risk of draining my battery early on) so to give my trip a more "leisurely feel," I read a novel (usually the latest...
Posted by: xTinx in Travel - 25 minutes ago
Movie & TV Merchandise
Oh I am considerably jealous of that chess set. I have this necklace with a gothic L pendant, a Death Note merchandise I got from a Cosplay store, and it's what I consider to be one of my most prized collectible items....
Posted by: xTinx in Movies, Music & Games - 28 minutes ago
You can tell a movie is from 90's when...
I don't know how to explain it but I can tell the difference between a 90s movie and a movie from the 21st century. Most movies from the 1990s have this pastel-look about them. When you watch them, the colors are...
Posted by: xTinx in Movies, Music & Games - 35 minutes ago
Magic Bullet
I remember always seeing the Magic Bullet in infomercials when I was younger and wanting to get one for the purpose of making smoothies and chips dips. I never got around to buying one though, but it helps to hear about...
Posted by: TPhoenix in Product Reviews - 38 minutes ago
Bad Movie Seqeuls?
I think the Charlie's Angels sequel Full Throttle wasn't as impressive as the first movie, which was full of "wham bam" moments. It was relatively flat compared to its first installment. I also didn't like the Shrek...
Posted by: xTinx in Movies, Music & Games - 41 minutes ago
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