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What do you think of online jobs?
Working online can be a decent way to make extra money, but it will not pay the rent unless you put a significant amount of time into it. There are a lot of scams out there. And there are legitimate opportunities. ...
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Canceling the insurance
Unless you are with a company that is simply not reputable, you should get your money back. Maybe not all of what you would hope or like, but definitely a rebate. I'm surprised that they let you cancel without trying to...
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Shower in the morning or in the evening?
I don't remember exactly why, but my therapist told me that he doesn't recommend showering at night. I think it has something to do with being dirty in the morning and for the rest of the day. On the other hand, if you...
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Easy way to get $10 dollars at HappyMinerCoupon
This is a actually a really nice find! I was looking for other opportunity like the ones that appear on mTurk but haven't found a legit one so far. I plan on doing this today and seeing if the payment occurs. I wonder...
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How mcuh do you pay per month for your cell phone?
I pay $25 plus about $7 in taxes on Republic Wireless. Truthfully, for the amount of time that I actually use the phone, that's still too much and I should drop down to the $10 plan where I can just make all of my calls...
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Disposable toilet seat covers
---Quote (Originally by DreekLass)--- I love the idea of them, but I don't understand. Who actually changes these covers once they have been used? Is there a certain amount of times that they can be used before being...
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Sub Way Sandwiches
---Quote (Originally by toradrake)--- All commercials are designed that way. They are designed to entice you into wanting to purchase the item, so they make it look better than it is. Have you ever bought a burger...
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Do women sleep more than men?
I don't know that there is a difference when you average it all out. I know many moms get less sleep compared to their husbands because they have to get up earlier to get the kids ready and then end up being up late...
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