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Air Freshener for cars?
I know what you mean about some air fresheners making you want to puke. I like the car to smell good but some of the commercial products are just awful. The other thing I hate is when they are all used up in like a...
Posted by: Mockingbird in Auto & Moto - 43 minutes ago
Can you afford two cars?
there was a time I could afford two cars easily. Things have changed so much that these days I am struggling to keep one car afloat. It seems like even the smallest things are so expensive right now. I need my brakes...
Posted by: Mockingbird in Auto & Moto - 47 minutes ago
Have you ever planted something you regretted?
I bought this mint called Lemon mint, it smelled so good. It was a hole $3 and I planted it outside. Boy did I regret that, it is now growing everywhere. I have no idea how it got to certain places, it had to be the...
Posted by: Mockingbird in Home & Garden - 56 minutes ago
Did you buy clothes as a Holiday Gift?
This year was a clothes year, the Bon Ton had a great promotion, spend $100 get $50 off. You can get a lot of stuff for $100 so that was a given. I do not regret it. I also bought several T-Shirts this year. I usually...
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When do you spend most of your time in your house?
I spend most of my time in my bedroom as l like my privacy. I like to be there so I can do things with no disruptions. Recently I had been traveling and sharing a dorm and also couch surfing, so I had very little...
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Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
I love Belle, Aurora and Anna (from Frozen). If I had to choose I think it would be Anna just because she isn't as polished and perfect as the other ones - she is real, clumsy and funny. Even though Frozen is recent and...
Posted by: isabbbela in Movies, Music & Games - 2 hours ago
If you had all fast food spots available, where would you go?
Chipottle for sure!!! I only have burger places like Burger Kind and McDonalds nearby, or Subway. I love Mexican food and it's rare to find Mexican restaurants nearby. So I would love Chipottle, and even Taco Bell!
Posted by: isabbbela in Food & Drink - 2 hours ago
Do you have friends/family who brag about how much money spend??
Yes I do! I have a cousin who is a doctor and pretty well off, and she has been graduated for only a few years now and used to have a bad financial condition before being a doctor. Now that she can pay for expensive...
Posted by: isabbbela in Misc & Others - 2 hours ago
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