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Do You Make Your Holiday Decorations?
Nimble Knuckle! you gave me a nice suggestion I will get an idea form Pinterest before decorating my room next time. I have a planed it before now I will do it after coming back from pedestrian shopping street...
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Freezing soup
I do not like to freeze soup. I usually finish it all on the day I make the soup. Therefore, my soup is simple and easy to make. My shop is mostly veggies like tomatoes soup, potatoes soups, mushrooms soup, corn...
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Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon will soon be releasing its Amazon Fire TV stick, which is designed to combat the Google Chromecast and Roku Stick. It costs $39.99, although Amazon did offer Prime members a $19 special for the first day or two...
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Your experience with Chinese stores
---Quote (Originally by Gin0710)--- Yeah I'm not sure I understand that question either. Do you mean bad experiences with Chinese-owned stores? Hmm...well I have had poor customer service in convenient stores when I...
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build your own computer
---Quote (Originally by DrRipley)--- I've been looking into this recently and the only thing I really worry about is compatibility and choosing the wrong brands. From what I've seen there are just way too many brand...
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Scary Movies (Nothing R-rated) for Halloween?
---Quote (Originally by valiantx)--- PG-13 horror movies I would like to recommend that are great to watch: It; bunch of adults relive their childhood horror, about a monstrous and malignant clown-like creature;...
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Worst Movie Ever
There are too many terrible B-grade movies out there and most of them are obscure, so I think that it might be better to focus on Hollywood films that were an absolute flop. I would probably pick King Kong for the title...
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Free range eggs
It is difficult to have ‘cage free' or 'free-range' eggs today. Eggs are in mass production and free-range eggs are inefficient in any way. I heard of raising chicken in musical farms but the chickens are caged. I...
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